Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 26 Recap

Ye Junqing ran out of the camp. It was dark and pouring rain. He desperately looked for Yao Mowan. Duan Tingting was wearing a wedding gown, chasing Ye Junqing. Ye Junqing finds Yao Mowan, believes that she is Yao Moxin, and hugs Yao Mowan and wants to take her away.

Yao Mowan recalled what Duan Tingting said, knowing that Ye Junqing should not be distracted at this time, so she slapped Ye Junqing to make him sober, reminding him that the current big Chu Jiangshan is already in dire straits, and Ye Junqing cannot be so selfish. as a result of.

Ye Junqing was sober in an instant, it was difficult to choose between the country and the beauty, between the people and life. Ye Junqing screamed in the rain like crazy, the poison was relieved, Duan Tingting had no ability to love again.

Because of the long-term wars, the people are living hard, displaced, and plagued by epidemics, and they have long been scarred in the process of fleeing. Although Ye Junqing was sober, he chose to accept this marriage for the sake of Da Chu Liming.

The King of the Southern Territories reminded Ye Junqing that Duan Tingting had saved his life, and hoped that he would take good care of Duan Tingting. If he fails, Ye Junqing will pay the price.

The fleeing people passed the military camp. A child couldn’t help being hungry. He was found stealing sweet potatoes from soldiers and was almost beaten by soldiers.

Fortunately, Yao Mowan stopped in time. Yao Mowan hurried to the camp and saw that there were fish on Ye Hongyi’s table and begged him to open a warehouse to help the people and take care of the displaced people. Ye Hongyi ridiculed, saying that the number of refugees is so large that there are many disasters.

If the warehouse is opened for relief, the national treasury will be turbulent. There may be uneasy party members and it will be disadvantageous to the big Chu. The best way is to move the refugees to no one.

The Mangyuan area. Yao Mowan was emotional, thinking that this action was no different from killing, and warned Ye Hongyi to betray her. Ye Hongyi was furious after hearing this, causing Yao Mowan to face the wall thinking about not interfering in government affairs.

Ye Junqing urged Ye Hongyi not to give up the refugees, as this might cause public anger. Qianmian reported that a large number of refugees were turned into gangsters, burned and looted, and none of the surrounding villages were spared. Ye Hongyi asked Qianmian to catch the gangsters and punish them on the spot.

When Ye Hongyi returned to Luan to pass through Qicheng, Yao Mowan saw the refugees scattered around the city, saying that he could not turn a blind eye, and quietly went out to treat the refugees. Ye Hongyi saw Yao Mowan secretly following behind, and saw Yao Mowan applying needles very much like Yao Moxin.

Yao Mowan was definitely Yao Moxin, and Yao Mowan did not admit it. While they were pulling, they were seen by Ye Hongyi. Fortunately, Duan Tingting helped cover, but Ye Hongyi was still very upset.

In the evening, Yao Mowan took the initiative to thank Duan Tingting for her rescue. Duan Tingting did everything for Ye Junqing, and she was not unusually grateful to Yao Mowan. On the way back to the house, Yao Mowan heard the refugees outside asking for help, and decided to sneak out to help the refugees.

When passing through the alley, she encountered a group of bandits besieging her. The refugees did not dare to speak out in order to save their lives. Ye Junqing went around inquiring about Yao Mowan’s whereabouts early in the morning.

The bandits hijacked Yao Mowan and wanted to force Ye Hongyi to open a warehouse to help the people. Yin Xue could have rescued Yao Mowan, but Yao Mowan said that she must stay. Yao Mowan made a bet with Liusha, the leader of the bandits, to see if Ye Hongyi could save her.

After Ye Hongyi learned of it, he gathered a large number of troops and approached the city. He saw Liusha taking Yao Mowan as a hostage, tied to the tower, and forced him with a knife. Quicksand said, let Ye Hongyi quickly open the warehouse to release grain, otherwise Yao Mowan would be killed, and Ye Hongyi hesitated extremely.

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