Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 25 Recap

The Liancheng disease was not under control. Ye Hongyi ordered the soldiers who were infected with the disease to be burned alive. Yao Mowan became emotional after learning about it, and reprimanded Ye Hongyi for being insensitive.

He screamed and fainted and fell to the ground. Ye Hongyi was anxious and sent Yao Mowan to the camp to rest. He complained that his heart was not cold and merciless, but that there was no way. If he does not burn, more soldiers and people may be infected.

Apart from suffering, Ye Hongyi remembered Luo Bin’s death warning. In order to become an emperor, he must give up any emotions, and his heart is like a knife. And he worked hard to protect Da Chu Jiangshan and the people of Liming. If he is to be criticized as a villain, he would rather be such a villain.

The three days have come, and Ye Hongyi publicly executed Ye Junqing and gave a glass of poisoned wine to bid farewell to him. Ye Junqing was unwilling. He understood that Ye Hongyi wanted to kill him. He picked up the wine glass and spilled it on the ground, his eyes revealing firmness and complaint.

Ye Hongyi publicly beheaded on the grounds that Ye Junqing violated military discipline. The hour has come. When he was about to execute his sentence, the soldiers begged Ye Hongyi to think twice.

Ye Hongyi was even more angry. The lieutenants and generals actually turned to Ye Junqing, and if there were any further pleadings, they would be dealt with in violation of the military order.

Duan Tingting and Princess Yanyue arrived in time, saying that Nanyu would negotiate a peace with the big Chu and request peace by marriage. Duan Tingting said that no matter what situation Ye Junqing is in, he will not marry Ye Junqing in this life.

Duan Tingting heard that Ye Junqing would be given death for disobeying the military order, and forced the king to write the peace documents. In order to help Duan Tingting, the King of the Southern Territories decided to cede ten cities to Da Chu.

As a condition for negotiation, Ye Hongyi would be tempted to expand his territory. Sure enough, after Ye Hongyi read the Southern Territory Peacemaking Document, he was reluctant to let Ye Junqing go and spare him not to die.

Under Duan Tingting’s strong request, Ye Hongyi ordered the two to marry in the army within three days. Yao Mowan felt like a knife when seeing all this.

Ye Junqing thanked Duan Tingting. Duan Tingting took off her necklace and gave it to Ye Junqing, saying that this was a hometown custom to give to the man she loved. Ye Junqing refused. Only Yao Mowan was the only love in her life, and she might betray Duan Tingting’s love. Princess Anyue talked to Yao Mowan and learned that Yao Mowan was being watched everywhere.

She did not expect Ye Hongyi to be cruel and shocking. She reminded Yao Mowan to be careful. Yao Mowan offered to say goodbye to Ye Junqing.

In order to obtain Ye Junqing, Duan Tingting used Southern Territory Gu Poison. After Ye Junqing Zhonggu, Duan Tingting had a deep affection for Duan Tingting and seemed to forget Yao Mowan.

Yao Mowan didn’t know why Ye Junqing pushed herself away, heartbroken. When Han Jinyi learned of it, she was very angry and asked Ye Junqing why he changed his heart and hurt Yao Mowan. After Ye Junqing refuted a few words, the two broke up unhappy. Ye Junqing suddenly felt dizzy when he saw the jade pendant on his belt.

Yao Suluan went to the prison to satirize Concubine Shu and deliberately informed Concubine Shu that Ye Junqing was married. Concubine Shu was discouraged and had no meaning to survive. She was heartbroken and crying. She put on a new dress and wrapped herself in a white cloth to commit herself to the prison. Before leaving, she said that she would continue to love Ye Junqing in her next life.

Duan Tingting was immersed in the wedding affair, put on the dowry, joy in her heart. Unexpectedly, Ye Junqing looked at Yupei in a daze, but he did not come to lift Duan Tingting’s hijab.

In a rage, Duan Tingting grabbed the jade pendant and broke it on the table. Ye Junqing had a headache, and she remembered that jade pendant came from Yao Moxin, and Yao Mowan had said the same thing as Yao Moxin before marriage.

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