Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 14 Recap

Yun Shu sent a WeChat message to tell Zhang Zhinian that he was going to work overtime tonight, and Zhang Zhinian also learned that the temperature would be reduced in the evening. Kochiyi always sends Lin Nuo to help himself, but in his heart he always starts Gu Xiao with Lin Nuo. Lin Nuo reminded Kozhiyi to be careful at night, so as not to be eaten by Gu Xiao. Yun Shu saw Lawyer Meng reading a cartoon. The two of them had more topics because of the cartoon.

They talked about the character Tang Shenjun in the cartoon. Yun Shu said that he had a friend around him who was as cold as Tang Shenjun. Attorney Meng asked how Yun Shu and that friend met, and Yun Shu said that this was a long story. Yun Shu told Lawyer Meng that he and Tang Shenjun were only friends. When the two had a good time, Zhang Zhinian called. Unfortunately, Yun Shu saw the phone call, and Yun Shu also learned that he could be a lawyer. The assistant has Zhang Zhinian’s help.

When Ko Zhiyi and Gu Xiao were dating, Lin Nuo was still worried about Ko Zhiyi, so he secretly followed. Gu Xiao let Ko Zhiyi drink with a cup after another. Soon after Ko Zhiyi was drunk, Gu Xiao He helped Kochi to open a hotel room. Lin Nuo saw that Gu Xiao was definitely not a good thing. When he was about to shoot the door, the phone rang, and it was Gu Xiao’s call. As soon as Gu Xiao opened it, they found Lin Nuo standing outside the hotel door. The atmosphere was too embarrassing. Lin Nuo didn’t know how to explain it, but Gu Xiao disagreed, and let Lin Nuo stay in the hotel to take good care of Gu Xiao.

Lin Nuo entered the hotel room, but Kochiyi was very sober, and Kochiyi told Lin Nuo that even if he was deceived and suffered a loss, he was willing, and it had nothing to do with Lin Nuo. When Yun Shu and Lawyer Meng got off work, because of the cold weather, Lawyer Meng took off his coat and put it on Yun Shu’s body. How did you know that Zhang Zhinian suddenly appeared and became jealous, and the four of them ate the snails together. powder.

Both Yun Shu and Lawyer Meng were full of topics about snail fans. When Yun Shu went to order, Lawyer Meng knew that Yun Shu had already found the job of a paralegal with Zhang Zhinian’s help, but Yun Shu didn’t mind the job. How to get it, lawyer Meng praised Zhang Zhinian with a vision.

Attorney Meng expressed his own opinions on the relationship between the two. Attorney Meng found Yun Shu to be particularly cute, and said that Zhang Zhinian and Yun Shu were just roommates sharing a room. When Yun Shu and Zhang Zhinian returned, Yun Shu thanked Zhang Zhinian for their help, saying that he would definitely learn from Lawyer Meng and live up to Zhang Zhinian’s expectations of him. What’s bad is that Zhang Zhinian had a cold because of the changing sky, and Yunshu specially made ginger tea for Zhang Zhinian to drink.

Lu Yu declined the wine bureau and sent a WeChat message to Yun Lan to say that the love relationship between the two was about to begin. Yun Lan replied as always. It just so happened that Lu Yu’s assistant brought a long story about law and politics. Originally, Lu Yu didn’t dare to be interested, but when he heard that it was a law and law theme, he immediately got the spirit. When Zhang Zhinian woke up, he found that Yun Shu had already prepared ginger tea for him, and he had taken the subway to go to work alone.

Such thoughtful Yun Shu inexplicably made Zhang Zhinian’s heart warm. Lawyer Meng complained that Li Ann hadn’t managed her emotions well and brought her emotions to Gao Mei. Li Ann understood what Lawyer Meng meant and decided that she really had to stabilize her emotions and deal with this matter.

According to Gao Mei’s existing demands, Li Ann made an appeal for reconciliation out of court. She didn’t know Gao Mei was too excited and burned Yun Shu’s foot. Attorney Meng had to take Yun Shu to the hospital to see his feet. In the hospital, Yun Shu comforted Gao Mei to deal with the current situation instead of emotionally. When Zhang Zhinian learned that Yun Shu was injured, he came to the hospital very worried. Zhang Zhinian and Lawyer Meng rallied in front of Yun Shu. The scene was very funny.

Lu Yu was recommended to work as an assistant in Yunlan’s law firm. Yun Lan couldn’t get rid of it, and could only let Lu Yu follow him. Yun Lan prepared a large number of files for Lu Yu, trying to make Lu Yu retreat, but Lu Yu did not want to miss the opportunity to contact Yun Lan. Zhang Zhinian was jealous because of Yun Shu’s close relationship with Lawyer Meng, and asked about the title of Yun Shu’s comics.

Lu Yu planned to send Yun Lan home, but was rejected by Yun Lan. After Yun Shu returned home, Zhang Zhinian carefully helped Yun Shu bandage the wound, and advised Yun Shu not to take a bath. After all, the wound was not healed, but Yun Shu insisted on taking a bath. After all, she could not bear not taking a bath for five days.

Yun Shu accidentally slipped while taking a bath and couldn’t get up. Zhang Zhinian had to close his eyes and went into the bathroom. At the same time, he picked up Yun Shu and left the bathroom.

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