Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 18 Recap

Jiang Shaokai was waiting for his drive in the bar. As soon as Luo Xiaoxi entered the door, he triumphantly said that he had retired all bar members. Second, deleted all the beauty contacts in WeChat. Third, one who vowed to love Luo Xiaoxi forever Moments will be released immediately. After finishing these three points, Luo Xiaoxi was in a good mood and took her new boyfriend for a drink. I don’t want to know that Jiang Shaokai should be drunk to death in Gentle Village tonight.

In Tao Ran Literature Club, Chen Xuanxuan suddenly submitted her resignation. She is an old man in the club cultivated by President Du for many years. Now she suddenly resigns because she can’t understand Su Jianan’s grab the limelight. Chen Xuanxuan was resolute. She did not have me, I did not have her. The termination contract is already here, and I can’t keep it. But when I thought about bringing it out, I would go to Chunjiang Literature Net and use it for their President Bao, Du The president felt aggrieved.

Chen Xuanxuan is also one of the best female frequency novel authors. Su Jianan’s domineering presidential article is not updated. Tao Ran’s literature network has abandoned male frequency novels. Nowadays, the best female frequency writers are both frustrated. God is unfair.

Su Jianan has lived a happy life here. She has been fighting in front of the computer for the past two days, intending to update it at once, giving readers an explosive benefit. Lu Boyan paced aside for a long time, and after hearing about it, he planned to promote her novel. Su Jianan hurriedly stopped. What she said this time should also look at the readers’ true reflections. Good or bad is all experience. Since you don’t need your husband’s help for publicity, let’s find inspiration together. Lu Boyan dragged him to the bed and kissed him sweetly.

In the middle of the night, President Du was still staying in the literature agency, still worrying about the future of Suddenly, a string of numbers on the website shook the sky. “Lu Shao’s Warm New Wife” has jumped to the top of the list, and the number of readers’ clicks has skyrocketed. . Su Jianan actually updated it late at night.

Early in the morning, President Du rubbed the trophy and called Su Jianan. The late-night novelist who was still sleeping in the middle of the night appeared in the office of the President. Everyone gathered together, and the President grandly handed over the trophy of “Platinum Author”. Su Jianan. In addition, her novels have rushed to the top of the list. If the book volume reaches 100,000 copies, she can publish books according to the regulations. This is her dream all the time.

She contacted the loyal reader “Ulterior” when she went back. She still had no idea about publishing novels. “Ulterior” let him know how many reader fans she had. The original fan base has now been expanded to ten. Throwing down the phone Su Jianan happened to hug Lu Boyan who also dropped the phone. She also told Lu Boyan the good news. Although he was not surprised, he also looked forward to it.

Chen Xuanxuan signed to President Bao’s Chunjiang Literature Network. Why was he willing to be compared by Su Jianan, so he also had to book the book sales at the same time. With President Bao, it was both a mess and a shame. He brought in many sponsors and invited famous designers. Painting cover. Su Jianan is not to be outdone here. Since Lu Boyan can’t directly invest in sponsorship, wouldn’t it be better for the couple to draw a cover together.

There was wind slowly by the lake, Su Jianan brought paper and pen, Lu Boyan held her hand and took her to depict their own appearance in the mirror. Such a meaningful cover of course attracted much attention, and her reservation was directly after the media broadcast. Dumped Chen Xuanxuan eighteen streets. With the blessing of Su’s beauty boss, Su Jian’an’s novel is almost breaking the literary net record.

Chen Xuanxuan is angry and anxious on Chunjiang Literature Net, but she has nothing to do. And Han Ruoxi can always show up at this time. The enemy’s enemy is a friend. She sent the secret video of Kang Ruicheng and Su Jianan’s rivalry to Chen Xuanxuan that day, and borrowed the hands of others without any effort. The next day’s news was Su Jian’an, In the relationship between Lu Boyan and Kang Ruicheng, who is the goddess couple with whom, and who deliberately made false appearances to earn reader traffic.

This incident caused Su Jianan’s novels to be unsubscribed, and the number of reservations dropped rapidly. However, it is gratifying that Lu Boyan completely believed in her, discussed with Kang Ruicheng, and decided to clarify the three parties together.

At the reporter’s meeting, the three of them officially clarified the facts, but some people didn’t want it to be better. One reporter began to provoke the discord with a sharp point. Su Jianan is Lu Boyan’s wife, so why go to Kang Ruicheng’s crew? And so close cooperation with him. Does a happy cooperation with Kang Ruicheng mean that she and Kang Ruicheng are soulmates?

So what kind of relationship is it with Lu Boyan? Kang Ruicheng was impatient to hear, Lu Boyan couldn’t listen, and asked him which news report was it?

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