Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 17 Recap

Su Jianan put the blindfold in front of Lu Boyan’s eyes. The darkness instantly swallowed the light and deprived all sense of security. Lu Boyan’s body was tight again, grasping everything he could grasp with his hands, trying his best to overcome the abyss-like fear, but he couldn’t do it. Then, he pulled off his blindfold and exhaled, absorbing the beauty of the light.

This is not what Su Jianan wants to see, Lu Boyan can no longer be afraid, blindly stagnating will only trap him forever. She once again helped Lu Boyan put on the blindfold, whispering to him that she would always be by his side, step by step naughty and cute induced him to stand up in the dark, and hide around him like hide-and-seek. Lu Boyan panicked and couldn’t hide his joy, following the voice and lightly touching his fingers from time to time. His mood was much lighter.

He finally hugged Su Jianan in the dark. This big improvement was exchanged for Su Jianan’s proactive kiss, which looked sweet and sweet. worth it.

The next day, Lu Boyan, who came home from get off work, saw Su Jianan putting candles. He was in a good mood, and his wife had learned to arrange a romantic atmosphere for love. In fact, this is Su Jianan’s further psychotherapy, step by step to gradually make Lu Boyan adapt to the darkness, the light source tonight is only a few candles on the table, and she will turn off all the lights in the villa. So can Mr. Lu Boyan dance with Miss Su Jianan?

Darkness came again, more darkness than the last time, Lu Boyan’s nerves tightened again, his expression dumbfounded, and he looked at one place blankly. When he was trapped in a swamp of fear and unable to extricate himself, Su Jianan held his arms around him. He touched her waist and put his hand gently on his neck again, Lu Boyan could clearly feel the person he loved was in his arms, and his fear gradually subsided. In the quiet room, only these two people swayed gently, seeing each other’s eyes with a little candlelight in the dark, everything seemed so beautiful.

With the initial results of the first two times, Lu Boyan’s mental state has improved a lot. Today Su Jianan took him to the underground garage, where Lu Boyan will face the ultimate test. The garage was cold and empty, and there was no light after the power cut. In the boundless darkness, Lu Boyan was like falling into an ice cave. The kidnapped little black house seemed to come across time and space. His hands were tied, and no one answered his call for help, like being abandoned by this world.

He shouted helplessly to Su Jianan, only one voice told him not far away. He was free, no one restrained him at all. The past will eventually pass. It shouldn’t be affected by the memory all the time. He has to go to Su Jianan. She must be waiting for him. He opened the door and welcomed the long-lost light and close lover.

Dark fear has been overcome, so can Lu Boyan’s upcoming birthday also be celebrated. The birthday star himself certainly didn’t want to live, so Shen Yuechuan informed Su Jian’an and asked her to find a way to untie this birthday knot.

After the meeting, Lu Boyan returned to the office and saw a gift box that was half a person tall. He didn’t buy a courier and didn’t give a gift. This thing appeared here inexplicably, and he directly sent Shen Yuechuan to throw away the unknown thing. When I came home, I saw Luo Xiaoxi and Jiang Shaokai. Su Jianan was not seen on either side. The gift box caught his attention, and Shen Yuechuan said it had been sent to the waste station. Today’s waste has been thrown out of the incinerator at this time.

He was very anxious and was going to the incinerator, but Su Jianan’s voice stopped him behind him. She was still alive and humiliated, and they almost couldn’t see each other. Lu Boyan hugged her and couldn’t cry, Su Jianan patted his back, the ring on his hand gleaming.

In the Lu’s villa, Su Jian’an was carefully wiped clean, and she sincerely shook Lu Boyan’s hand to celebrate her birthday. At least in future birthdays, the death of his father is no longer the only thing that fills the whole day, but there are other happy things. Lu Boyan agreed, and the darkness was faced. What else could not be done. So after blowing candles and eating cake, he celebrated his birthday, and she gave herself to him as a gift.

Coming out of the Lu’s villa, Jiang Shaokai and Luo Xiaoxi took a walk along the waterfront. He didn’t want to be half-hanged in the air without landing. He liked Luo Xiaoxi and hoped that Luo Xiaoxi would like him. They could make a sweet couple. Couple. His sincerity to Luo Xiaoxi can show the sun and the moon, but Luo Xiaoxi was not fooled, and sent him a few conditions, let him think about it, it is not too late.

Unexpectedly, after turning around, Luo Xiaoxi called and asked him how things were going. She was about to come for acceptance.

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