Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 9 Recap

Xie Fanyu didn’t want to eat lobster at first, but after Yue Ran stuffed a lobster into his mouth, he found that crayfish was really delicious on earth. So he started to eat crayfish crazily. After eating, he took Yue Ran to a high-end restaurant, ready to formally confess to Yue Ran here. However, because his stomach couldn’t stand such cold things, Xie Fanyu began to run frantically to the toilet. Having been having stomach troubles, he finally resisted the feeling that he had returned to the restaurant, wanting to formally confess to Yue Ran, saying that he was his own woman.

However, because of eating a bad stomach, Xie Fanyu let out a very stinky fart, which everyone in the restaurant heard. Not only that, Xie Fanyu is still farting. Xie Fanyu couldn’t afford to lose this face, wrapped his head in a suit and took Yue Ran away. In the taxi that went back, Xie Fanyu was still farting, but Yue Ran kept saying that he had eaten his stomach and was very sorry for the taxi driver.

The two finally arrived in front of the hotel. Yue Ran went to pay the taxi driver. Xie Fanyu resisted the discomfort in his stomach and came to David to provoke him, saying that he had taken Yue Ran out on a date. David reminded Xie Fanyu that this was in a hotel, and he personally ordered that the employees were not allowed to fall in love, and left after speaking. Xie Fanyu remembered the message he had released for David and regretted it. After David left, Yue Ran took Xie Fanyu to Dr. Ma and prescribed medicine for his stomach.

When Xie Fanyu was in the office the next day, Yue Ran found Xie Fanyu with his crayfish party plan. However, Xie Fanyu did not want to see any vocabulary about crayfish, nor did he want to hold this party. So Yue Ran took out a screaming chicken and began to fart frantically, saying that he had a big mouth, and if there was nothing delicious to block it, he might reveal something. Xie Fanyu had no choice. At this time, Mia came to the office and asked Xie Fanyu what was going on. Xie Fanyu said that he was going to have a crayfish party, and the chief commander would be handed over to Yue Ran. Yue Ran was very happy after hearing this and left the office.

However, Mia actually likes eating Ma Xiao, so she likes this party very much. Xie Fanyu asked Mia to send a questionnaire about dating to all employees to see their reactions. Mia said that she actually likes to fall in love in the hotel. After all, everyone is a foreigner. Without contact with the outside world for a long time, the only thing she can do is fall in love in the hotel.

The crayfish party was held smoothly and received unanimous praise from the guests. Even the corresponding side dishes and beer were sold out. On the second day, Xie Fanyu held a staff meeting and said that 80% of the employees felt that they did not support this directive. Therefore, the hotel adheres to a humane management and decided to abolish the prohibition on dating between employees. However, although employees can fall in love, they will still be punished if they violate other hotel regulations or affect their work.

At this time, intern Luo Fei met a boy with amnesia, and this boy could only remember 24 hours of memory. However, the two of them fell in love. The boy’s name was Shi Zhan, and he sewed Luo Fei’s name on everything he could touch. While Ning Jiajia was taking selfies at the front desk, he met a person who claimed to be a cameraman. He took Jiajia back to the room, dressed her in beautiful clothes, jewelry, and bags, and took many beautiful photos of him.

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