Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 11 Recap

With the help of David, Yue Ran found evidence that several women had injected drugs and were allergic to Hexian. They successfully restored the reputation of the hotel. In the evening, David invited Yue Ran to dinner, and Xie Fanyu asked him to have a barbecue in the evening when Yue Ran was busy in the kitchen department. Yue Ran forgot about this and only went to eat at David’s Internet celebrity restaurant. Xie Fanyu called Yue Ran, but no one answered. David turned Yue Ran’s cell phone to mute. After Yue Ran finished his meal, David invited him out for a walk.

At this time, Xie Fanyu was very worried about Yue Ran’s safety and thought he was missing. He found Ning Jiajia’s phone number and learned that Yue Ran was out, but he didn’t know the way. So he reported the case to the police station and answered the phone. When I was accidentally hit by a passing waiter, I sprained my waist.

In the evening when he was relieved, David officially confessed to Yue Ran that he hoped that he could be his girlfriend. Yue Ran was flattered and agreed to David’s request. However, when the two were about to go back, Yue Ran received a call and said Xie Fanyu was injured. Yue Ran hurried to the restaurant and found that Xie Fanyu’s waist was sprained. Yue Ran took Xie Fanyu to the hospital. At this time, he received a call again saying that Ning Jiajia had an accident.

It turned out that after dinner, Ning Jiajia and boss Peng returned to boss Peng’s room. boss Peng gave Ning Jiajia a bag worth 50,000 yuan and asked Jiajia to help her take a set of sexy portrait photos. However, Ning Jiajia left with the bag, but the next day she was blackmailed by Boss Peng, saying that he had stolen his 50,000 yuan bag, and what he returned was a fake. Ning Jiajia was very wronged, but there was no evidence to sue him.

At night. Yue Ran had to call Xie Fanyu for help. Xie Fanyu was angry. He was just helped out from the hospital by the taxi driver. He didn’t want to talk to Yue Ran and hung up the phone. In the driver’s car, Xie Fanyu kept complaining about Yue Ran, saying that he did not know the height of the sky. As a result, when the driver agreed to him, saying that Yue Ran might have something wrong, Xie Fanyu began to protect his shortcomings again. Xie Fanyu finally agreed to lend Yue Ran 50,000 yuan, and Yue Ran was very happy.

The next day, Yue Ran brought 50,000 yuan to Boss Peng’s room, returned the money to him, and took the opportunity to record, wondering if Boss Peng was blackmailing. Boss Peng discovered Yue Ran’s trick, walked into Yue Ran and held his microphone, saying that the bag was indeed fake. When Yue Ran played the recording, he found that there was no such passage. Frustrated and ready to start beating Boss Peng, saying that he quit his job, he also had to teach the scumbag. Xie Fanyu finally stopped him. This time he chose to call the police and punish the scumbag.

In the evening, David took Yue Ran to a luxurious restaurant and created a perfect date for him. However, Yue Ran felt that this was not the relationship he expected, and he felt a deep sense of pressure. Yue Ranqiang supported his dinner, only to find that he was allergic to Ganoderma and was sent to the hospital. At the same time, Xie Fanyu was emotionally injured when he learned that David and Yue Ran were in a relationship. Despite his alcohol allergies, he chose to drink, and ended up drinking himself into the hospital.

Xie Fanyu woke up before Yue Ran, looking at the sleeping Yue Ran. Xie Fanyu wanted to take the opportunity to trick him, but found that Yue Ran had a sculpture promised to be made for Xie Fanyu. Xie Fanyu felt very moved.

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