Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 10 Recap

After Xie Fanyu abolished the regulations, he and David officially competed openly and fairly. After David had the meeting that day, Yue Yueran had dinner tonight and said to celebrate him. His crayfish party went well. Yue Ran agreed, but was stopped by Xie Fanyu when he went out, saying that to take him to a tasting event tonight, the catering department would make him the most leisurely, so he reluctantly took him there. Yue Ran was not easy to shirk, so he had to send a message to David saying that he had something with Xie at night, and David felt that Mr. Xie’s method was very unfamiliar.

In the evening, Xie Fanyu took Yue Ran to the previous high-end restaurant again. Yue Ran said that he was surprised. The people in this place didn’t seem to come to try the food, but to fall in love. Xie Fanyu said that they were here to fall in love. Yue Ran expressed his surprise. Xie Fanyu said he should come to this high-end restaurant to improve his style and taste. However, Yue Ran said that he was an ordinary person and didn’t want to touch these. At this time, the waiter at the restaurant came over and asked the two of them what they needed. Xie Fanyu wanted to order a couple set meal, but Yue Ran stopped. He said that a normal set meal would be enough. Xie Fanyu had no choice but to listen to his regular meal.

At the same time, the hotel attendant discovered that David was eavesdropping on the side. David gave the waiter a tip and asked him to assume that he did not exist. The hotel attendant said that if he wants to eavesdrop on the conversation between his girlfriend and a less popular man, he can see and hear clearly from the other side. David sat aside when he heard his words, and blocked himself with the menu to hide his ears.

At night. Xie Fanyu took Yue Ran to the central square after eating. He took Yue Ran up the steps and let him look at the large LED screen opposite. However, the time has not come, and the words on the screen have not appeared. Just then David walked out. He wanted to destroy Xie Fanyu’s confession, so he pretended to have chest pain in front of Yue Ran and prevented Yue Ran from reading the words on the opposite big screen.

Xie Fanyu’s local tyrant typed “Be my woman” on the big screen, but Yue Ran didn’t see it. When Yue Ran turned around, he only saw fireworks in the sky. Many pedestrians gathered around and said it was romantic. This was a sign of confession. Xie Fanyu was angry but fought with David. With a dazed expression on his face, Yue Ran tried to pull the two away, and the three of them drove back to the hotel.

On the road, Xie Fanyu wanted to get rid of David, but Yue Ran thought that Xie Fanyu had something to do, and asked him to put David and himself down, and they took a taxi back. At this time, David received a text message on his cell phone, saying that the hotel had complaints from guests because the hotel had to compensate for the crayfish allergy, but the guests refused to go to the hospital for any inspection.

The three rushed back to the hotel. Xie Fanyu learned about the situation and said that he could take a few women to the hospital for check-ups. However, the lady was reluctant and said that she needed to give an explanation first. Yue Ran took out the service records of their restaurant before and said that several ladies had ordered lobsters before, but they had no allergies. Therefore, their allergies were not caused by lobsters. However, several ladies were reluctant and said that they would be exposed. In the hotel, several people scuffled together.

At night, Yue Ran went to look through the trash left by the housekeeping department in an attempt to find some clues. At this time, David came to tell them that the hotel was going to go through judicial procedures.

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