First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 24 End Recap

Xiong Yifan stood in front of Yan Ke’s house. Although it was not the first time to visit, the significance of this time was completely different. She was also more nervous and even wanted to escape. Coincidentally, because Yan Ke’s parents knew that Xiong Yifan would come, they went out to buy groceries. When they came back, they ran into Xiong Yifan who wanted to escape failure.

After entering the house, Xiong Yifan’s state gradually recovered. She accompanied Yan’s father to pick vegetables. The two chatting together were extremely harmonious. The usually serious father Yan became extremely gentle in front of Xiong Yifan. The trivial matters in life seemed like a The junior who asked humbly.

At the dinner table, Xiong Yifan saw that Yan Ke was picky and didn’t like green peppers. In order to prevent him from being picky eaters, Xiong Yifan specially fed him green peppers. This allowed Yan’s mother to find a chance to wink Yan’s father, because Xiong Yifan was present, Yan’s father immediately understood and took the initiative to eat the green pepper. It seems that because of the arrival of Xiong Yifan, this family has experienced a relaxed and happy relationship that they have not had in a long time.

As the relationship heats up, the sweet burden of getting along gradually appears. Yan Ke will be jealous and Xiong Yifan will switch to a “husband” to the TV one day, and Xiong Yifan will also complain that Yan Ke is more careful with the piano than with himself. Both of them vomited their grievances to their friends at the same time, but they seemed to “show off” their happy life unconsciously.

Xiong Yifan, who had already given up the javelin, also decided to practice throwing the javelin with his left hand under the encouragement of Tang Tang. After continuous hard work, his performance has indeed improved significantly. Everything is moving in the best direction. Only Qi Xiaosong, an emotional coward, doesn’t even have the courage to hear Ming Xiyue’s reply, but he keeps pushing the other party for fear of being picked up first, and afraid of being rejected.

Ding Ming’s going abroad has been set, and Bai Yuze caught Bai Yuze off guard with her resignation. Ding Ming had already started preparing for going abroad as early as his freshman year, and the part-time job was just to enrich his resume. Ding Ming had no reason to stay, nor should he stay for any reason. After all, it was only two years of separation.

At the airport, Xiong Yifan saw Ding Ming farewell to him. Bai Yuze was late and came across Ding Ming who was blinded by the child’s bubble water. They are like they first met, as if nothing has changed, and as if everything has changed. Ding Ming and Bai Yuze bid farewell formally. Before leaving, she kissed each other proactively and walked decisively, leaving Bai Yuze in a daze at Ding Ming’s photo.

One night, Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan were eating crayfish at a food stall. He obviously didn’t like crayfish, but he would always break his dislike because of Xiong Yifan’s persistence. This might be like loving someone.

Xiong Yifan watched Yan Ke use his piano hands to peel shrimps for himself, and his happiness instantly increased, and he was also satisfied that he could get a perfect boyfriend like Yan Ke. Yan Ke blurted out his sincere words. He really wanted to peel Xiong Yifan for the rest of his life, and he was indeed preparing for a marriage proposal.

What Xiong Yifan needs is never a grand or elaborate proposal. Her request is always that the person who proposes is Yan Ke. She doesn’t even mind not having a diamond ring, even if it’s just a can ring.

Yan Ke looked at Xiong Yifan’s expectant and eager appearance, and suddenly remembered the old sugar paper. He made a simple ring with sugar paper and proposed to Xiong Yifan on his knees in public. There is no romance, but it is the true heart when the love is strong. The ring was put on Xiong Yifan’s hand, and the two kissed sweetly.

Ding Ming is about to face the graduation season soon, and Ding Ming also returned from completing the credits ahead of schedule. At this moment, she is no longer a girl who will be overwhelmed by Bai Yuze’s teasing, but can make the other party unable to parry. It is also more harmonious, and more suitable for an unruly man like Bai Yuze.

Keep your original heart, stay together all your life, and stay fresh after so many years of first love. Some feelings can last forever, and some feelings do not require a result, but as long as we treat the first love with the most sincere heart, it is worth keeping in our hearts for a lifetime.

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