First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 23 Recap

Today is Xiong Yifan’s twentieth birthday, but she did not choose to rest for a better job. She dreams of exercising her craft and social experience in this dessert shop near the school. On the same day, Xiong Yifan also encountered a very difficult customer, until she finally couldn’t help asking, only to realize that this person was Tang Tang.

Tang Tang has passed the piano interview abroad and will soon go abroad. Now she has to take a look at Xiong Yifan’s photos every time before she takes the stage, so that she can be more confident in performing. Today, Tang Tang also deliberately celebrated Xiong Yifan’s birthday by bringing her a carefully selected birthday gift. He couldn’t stand the other party’s acting like a baby, and joined Yan Ke’s birthday party for Xiong Yifan.

As soon as Xiong Yifan set foot in the hotel, he was fascinated by everything in front of him. The entire hotel was booked and decorated in a warm and beautiful manner. This was their first birthday together, and it was also the first time Yan Ke celebrated Xiong Yifan’s birthday. There will be more birthday wishes in the future. Compared to the birthday surprise Xiong Yifan prepared for Yan Ke before, this is obviously more troublesome.

At the banquet, Xiong Yifan accepted the blessings of friends and classmates, Tang Tang also sincerely blessed her and Yan Ke, but loss is always inevitable. Not all first love will have results, but it must be the most innocent time, worth a lifetime to commemorate. Tang Tang had hoped that she could play with Yan Ke with four hands all her life, but she also knew that even without Xiong Yifan, they might not have any results.

At the end of the birthday party, Yan Ke took Xiong Yifan back to his residence. He also specially arranged surprises that belonged to them at home. The gift Yan Ke gave to Xiong Yifan was the couple shirt Xiong Yifan gave to Yan Ke at the time. This is the same style that he found after looking for it for a long time. Because of Qi Xiaosong’s “destroy”, this dress became a school uniform. Now it is just a testimony of their feelings.

The two were fighting, and Xiong Yifan was accidentally pressed by Yan Ke on the sofa, feeling the breath of the other’s close at hand, Xiong Yifan suddenly pushed Yan Ke away and hurriedly wanted to leave. Xiong Yifan panicked and closed the door. He didn’t even have the courage to let the other party send him. He was afraid that he could not help but do something, but he was reluctant to leave.

It wasn’t until Yan Ke saw that Xiong Yifan had forgotten to bring his bag. He wanted to chase him in a hurry and opened the door to find that the other party hadn’t left at all. This time, Xiong Yifan couldn’t help kissing the one he liked, and Yan Ke finally couldn’t help his heart throbbing. The two truly belonged to each other on the most memorable day.

Tonight is destined to be a good day for confession. The drunk Qi Xiaosong insisted on confessing to Ming Xiyue, and even misunderstood that her coach was a gangster, and beat him up. The confession was messed up, Qi Xiaosong still mustered up the courage to say what he thought, but unfortunately he didn’t have the courage to listen to Ming Xiyue’s reply, and hurried away.

As the sun rises, Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan, like all lovers in love, wear couple costumes, cook together, play together, and everything becomes interesting. It was just the sudden appearance of Father Xiong that caught the two of them off guard. Father Xiong inquired about Xiong Yifan’s stay in Yan Ke’s house in Qi Xiaosong’s mouth. The two wanted to perfuse, but after all, Jiang was still old and hot, and he was easily spotted by Father Xiong.

Since then, Yan Ke has experienced many “cares” and tests from Xiong’s father. Even though Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan had already figured out how to face his father, when the day came, Yan Ke was still nervous and knelt in front of Xiong’s father. Yan Ke walks, relaxes, and even cooks with Father Xiong, but it is a pity that his cooking skills are hard to compliment.

When it is mentioned that Yan Ke’s major is difficult to live in the future, even if he has a way out, he may still face a series of troubles such as the dilemma of going abroad. Xiong Yifan was dedicated to defending Yan Ke and couldn’t understand the way his father embarrassed him, even his father went home to see him off.

In fact, as a father, no one can rest assured that he will give his daughter to him, so he has to use all kinds of difficult ways to test whether the other party is sincere to his daughter. Poor parents in the world, making things too hard and fearful of grudges, and leaving a letter explaining their pains before leaving.

Xiong Yifan saw his father’s letter of apology left to Yan Ke at home, and instantly understood his father’s hard work and helplessness, which was also his father’s love for her. Father Xiong, who turned his head frequently at the station, finally said goodbye to Xiong Yifan who had arrived at the last minute.

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