Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 40 Recap

Yuanyuan suffered from asthma in the car, Xizi quickly sprayed her asthma spray on Yuanyuan, watching Yuanyuan cry because she was homesick, Xizi comforted Yuanyuan, he promised to take Yuanyuan to Changqing the day after tomorrow. Jiayuan sees his parents. At the same time, Chen Shengliang called Ding Yu and learned that the billboards on the expressway were put on by well-wishers. Without a word, he called Sister Lai of the TV station and asked Sister Lai to do a special report.

Not only did they pay attention to left-behind children in the process of finding their own children, but also people from all walks of life in the Eding family extended a helping hand. This report affects everyone’s hearts, and Fang’s parents also saw this report. The two changed their previous views and believed that the Ding family was indeed a good family, and they also agreed with Fang Jue’s association with Yanzi.

Sister Lai called Chen Shengliang. Today Ding Yu came to the TV station to thank them, but Ding Yu also wrote an IOU to the TV station. What Ding Yu said on the TV station was exactly the same as He Xuelin said. Sister Lai also really felt the two of them. Tongxin thinks that the couple is not a family and will not enter a family. Chen Shengliang had accepted in his heart that he and He Xuelin were things of the past. When he returned to the hotel, he saw He Xuelin answering Ding Yu’s phone call. The two thought about their daughter together, but he didn’t have any in his heart. Half jealous, only accepting the facts frankly.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and the fruit wholesale market is crowded with people. Ding Yu dragged his unhealed body to the market and sent a notice of missing persons. The urban traffic police team called Ding Yu to go to the second hospital. The elderly in his family Was hit by a car. Ding Yu hurried to the hospital. He mistakenly thought that the person with the white cloth in front of him was Father Ding. His eyes were red and he did not dare to accept the reality. Fortunately, Ansuo called Ding Yu in time. That person was not Father Ding.

The collision is not serious, just excessive fatigue. An alleged that Ding’s father had a car accident because he drove into a highway. Ding’s father has always worked hard and he is absolutely impossible to do such illegal things. Ding Yu and An’s transferred the monitoring of the traffic police brigade and found that Ding’s father was on the highway. I saw Yuanyuan at the intersection.

Yuanyuan’s clues became clearer and clearer. Chen Shengliang knew that Yuanyuan was coming back. He was afraid that he could not control his emotions, so he came to say goodbye to He Xuelin. He decided to go to the medical team to do something that could make up for his mistakes. He still loves He Xuelin. Still thinking about Yuanyuan, but he knows that what He Xuelin and Yuanyuan need is Ding Yu, so the only person who can accompany He Xuelin to pick Yuanyuan home is Ding Yu. He only hopes that one day he can make up for his fault and be able to act in an upright manner. Appeared beside them.

The live news broadcast is undergoing further follow-up and interviews. He Xuelin saw Yuanyuan’s figure in the live broadcast. She quickly called Ding Yu and asked Ding Yu to rush to the Xiasha toll station, and she and Hong Shu also hurriedly bought air tickets back, Yanzi He stayed there temporarily because of a tight ticket.

The Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, Yanzi stayed in a foreign land alone, she fell asleep on the table, calling Fang Jue’s name all the time in her dream, and the first person she woke up to open her eyes to see each other was Fang Jue, Fang Jue held tight. Holding Yanzi’s hand, determined to be with Yanzi forever, and the two will never separate again.

Ding Mu, He Mu, and Xiaofu made moon cakes at home and waited for Ding Yu to bring Yuanyuan back. Ding Yu and Ding’s father and his party went to find Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan taught Xizi to sing the moon cake song on the road, Ding Yu Asking for clues to the two people along the way, looking for them. At the same time, He Xuelin was blocked by a car on the road. When she was in a hurry, she heard the mooncake song originally created by the Ding family and knew that Yuanyuan was nearby.

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