Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 18 Recap

Jiang Shao came to see Jinzhan, caring about whether she was injured, and also brought medicine. Jinzhan felt that her sister always said she was reckless and asked her to think twice. Today, she would think twice and give Jiang Shao a chance to explain clearly. Is it for Fu Jinzhan or Empress Empress to go to the porridge shed? Jiang Shao said it was for Jinzhan.

Because of a series of accidents around him recently, he didn’t want to hurt her, so he deliberately said those bastards. Jinzhan loved him I hate again, and hug Jiang Shao fiercely, asking him to always treat her well in the future, don’t ignore her, don’t deceive her in anything, can’t leave her at any time, Jiang Shao promised to go .

Xue Rong scolded Wu Yang, the prefect of Xingzhou, for concealing the disaster, and he was unforgivable for the death of the people. He planned to imprison him, and ordered Zhang Yongyao, minister of the Criminal Department, to come to Xingzhou to preside over Wu Yang immediately. Xue Rong felt that he was fortunate. When I came to Xingzhou, I would not know that my people were treated so harshly. Li Huaijin led the imperial army to take care of the porridge in the city and ensure that every citizen could eat clean food.

Xue Rong discovered that the people in the city were very dissatisfied with the government. It was the Mid-Autumn Festival. He planned to come out with the queen to comfort the people personally. He sent Jiang Shao to give Chai Zhenzhen a gift, but Zhen Zhen didn’t like it. She had been thinking of herself. Her parents did not want to come to the capital, a place where there was no freedom at all. After so many years, she had realized that she had a brother or a noble emperor. All of this was too sudden and she couldn’t accept it for a while.

Jiang Shao comforted Chai Zhenzhen with his own life experience. At least she still has a brother and a father and a mother, but he doesn’t even know who his father is. At this time, he sees the moon in the sky. Yuan, then proposed to light up the sky lantern with Zhen Zhen, Zhen Zhen became happy and regarded Jiang Shao as his brother.

Huai Jin told Xue Rong that the epidemic hit suddenly and spread rapidly. Nearly a hundred victims have been suffering from high fever. The city of Xingzhou is now panicking. They set up a quarantine area in time. Jiang Shao is leading people to settle the victims there, and the doctors in the city are also They were all sent there. Xue Rong asked him to distribute all the herbs he brought from the capital. He must not allow the epidemic to spread any more, so that the affected victims could receive effective treatment.

Xue Rong learned that three years ago, Wu Yang, the prefect of Xingzhou, had written to the emperor before the flood season. He said that the Yellow River dam had been damaged and asked for funding for repairs. At that time, the emperor granted 600,000 yuan to Wu Yang, a subordinate of the Ministry of Industry and a doctor of the Ministry of Water.

And the craftsmen repaired the dam, and finally completed the repair work before the flood season. Since then, the DPRK and China will allocate a large sum of money to maintain the dam every year. However, before the flood season this year, Wu Yang vowed to maintain the dam collapsed, causing tens of thousands.

The people lost their homes, were displaced, and concealed the disaster afterwards, fearing that the emperor would find out about the dam. Xue Rong was furious and ordered Zhang Yongyao to investigate the matter thoroughly. He did not believe that a small prefect could be greedy for so much money, and must have something to do with him Digging out the borers one by one is not easy.

It turns out that Wu Yang is related to the eldest princess. The eldest princess ordered Yanchong to cook Wu Yang in Xingzhou. Wu Yang is Fu Yanxin’s proud disciple. If something happens to him, Fu Yanxin will be even more anxious.

Yuzhan approached Xue Rong and said that his father would not be corrupt, but I don’t know why Wu Yang bit his father, but he would find evidence to prove the innocence of the Fu family. Xue Rong said that Wang Wei was temporarily suspended from his position and gave Yuzhan five days to go. Find out the truth.

Yuzhan approached Zhang Yongyao to understand the situation. At present, Wu Yang’s confession is very unfavorable to his father. In these years, Wu Yang will give gifts to the Fu family during the holidays. In recent years, the festival gifts and return gifts given by Wu Yang are all handled by Yuzhan. Yes, in the four letters framed by Fujia instructing Wu Yang to embezzle, the content written is somewhat different from the details that Yuzhan knows. She suspects that these four letters are fake.

In this world, they can imitate the handwriting of others and use fake masters. It does exist. Zhang Yongyao knows that this person is in Xingzhou. If the forgers of these letters can be found, the Fu family’s charges will be cleared, and maybe they can follow the vine and find the real messenger behind them.

Yuzhan thinks that Wu Yang is the corruption case. The most critical person can only catch a big fish by digging him deeply. He asked Jinzhan to go to Wu Yang’s residence as a queen to interrogate Mrs. Wu and see if he can get it from his house. Searching for other clues, Mrs. Wu told Jinzhan that Wu Yang had always been friendly with Zhao Yuan and Wang Ke, who was a member of the army, and they both lived in Kangpingfang.

Yuzhan heard Zhang Yongyao say that imitating other people’s handwriting can reach the level of being fake. There are only four masters in this world, three of whom have stayed in the capital. Only Wang Daqian left Beijing within half a month and was missing. This person was the most greedy for money, so he sent someone to release the news and waited for him to take the bait. In addition, Yuzhan sent people to deliver grain, grass and medicinal materials to Xingzhou in the name of the Fu family, and delivered them directly to the queen for distribution to the victims.

Yuzhan and Zhang Yongyao found Wang Daqian. Wang Daqian stated that the false letter framed was indeed written by himself, but he was forced by others.

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