Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 17 Recap

The number of victims in Xingzhou was over 10,000, and they were hungry everywhere. Xue Rong planned to visit Xingzhou personally to deliver food for the disaster. Song Shanggong sent a person to inform Jinzhan that he could go out of the palace with the emperor and deliver food for the disaster. This move is to inspire the victims Therefore, it can show that the emperor and the empress are more affectionate and win the hearts of the people. Yuzhan also accompanies them.

The king of Wei was afraid of not having enough manpower, so he sent a few more Tianxiong troops. The emperor’s convoy traveled day and night. The speed was very fast. It only set off on the tenth day. After only two days, halfway through, they found an inn. This is a shop’s second child sneaking in to deliver food, and there is a letter hidden under the plate. The emperor found that the shop’s second person was familiar, and opened the letter. The letter said “Mother is seriously ill, meet Rong’er for the last time” , Xue Rong released Dian Xiaoer.

Yuzhan asked if there was anything unusual in Xue Rongxin. Xue Rong said that the letter was sent by his biological father, Luocheng Chai’s family. His biological mother died soon and wanted to see him, but Xue Rong could not go back. He was adopted by the Xue family, and the first emperor had also sent the letter. According to the decree, the Chai family will never enter Beijing, enter officialdom, do business, or join the army.

Lingyang also set up a military office for this purpose to prevent Xue Rong from changing the world to his surname in the future. He inherited the Xue family’s name. I have already vowed to have no connection with the Chai family anymore and will never live forever, otherwise the impeachment of a hundred officials, even if the emperor is the emperor, the throne will not be kept.

Over the years, Xue Rong has been deeply nurtured by the emperor, and trusted by him. He has to pass on the throne. He is crushed to death without retribution. On the other hand, he has completely forgotten his blood and identity, knowing that his biological mother and father are still in the world. , But can’t see each other, it’s difficult to make both ends of the matter, but the matter is human.

Because of Xue Rong’s life, the Chai family has long been under the supervision of the court’s heavy ministers. Once there is any trouble, the court will take action, and his mother is seriously ill. The matter must have reached the ears of those who are interested, and the investigation in Los Angeles has been stepped up. His visit to Xingzhou is already known to the world. Under all eyes, he will arrive in Xingzhou in five days, and there is no time to go to Los Angeles. .

Yuzhan suggested that he could disguise and go to Los Angeles and act in a low-key manner. As for time, the convoy was exhausted by the heavy burden. They were lightly dressed and they could always rush for a day or two quickly. If it is too late, let Jinzhan be the queen. You can delay for some time, and let the imperial physician inform everyone that the emperor has contracted a cold and cannot leave the carriage for a few days. Jiang Shao can take the opportunity to pretend to be the emperor.

Yuzhan and Xue Rong came outside the Chai Mansion and saw that Xiao Er, the shop where the letter was delivered before, had come out of Chai Mansion. She was still a girl. After going out, there were many spies following him. Yuzhan quietly followed the girl in order not to attract attention. The drugstore took the opportunity to tell him that Xue Rong had arrived, and asked her to find a way to let Master Chai send Mrs. Chai to the hospital.

Xue Rong saw his biological father and mother. The biological mother suffocated in front of Xue Rong. Xue Rong was very sad. The girl before him was Xue Rong’s sister, Chai Zhenzhen.

But after all, Xue Rong came to Los Angeles to be discovered by the prefect. In order to protect his son, Old Chai assassinated the prefect. He asked Chai Zhenzhen to take Yuzhan and Xue Rong in and out of the city. Then he set fire to the Chai Mansion, burned the house, committed suicide, and died. Zhen Zhen was very sad, and Xue Rong promised her that he would take care of her in the future.

A large number of hungry victims waited in the porridge shed to give the porridge, and it was very difficult to survive. Jinzhan asked Jiang Shao and Huaijin to go to the government office to hand over the duties, while he and Qing Ge went to the porridge shed to see what the government office had done for disaster relief. kind.

Jinzhan found that the porridge in the porridge shed did not contain a few grains of rice at all. In order to rush to drink the porridge, everyone started fighting. The scene was very chaotic at one time, and the panicked people came across the porridge shed shelf.

Officials of the government office stated that porridge treatment centers were set up at the four gates of Xingzhou, and some houses were also vacated for the victims to shelter. Qing Ge ran to tell Li Huaijin that the porridge sheds at East Gate were crowded, the porridge shed collapsed, and Jinzhan Without a trace, Jiang Shao rushed over and found Jinzhan.

Fortunately, there was nothing serious. Jinzhan informed Xue Rong of the incident. Xue Rong said that the relief food had already entered the city and would arrange for distribution immediately, urging the people not to worry about it. Assure everyone that everyone will have food and that the government officials will conceal the situation of the disaster and will detain them and personally interrogate them, so that the people will be fair.

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