Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 16 Recap

Li Fang told the eldest princess that the first emperor would not agree to let Jiang Shao inherit from the Xue family. The eldest princess guessed that the first emperor knew about Jiang Shao’s existence, and felt that the emperor was very confused. He knew Jiang Shao’s true identity, so why did he want to.

After passing the throne to Xue Rong’s outsider, Li Fang said that there must be a reason for the first emperor to do so, but the eldest princess was very angry and wanted to help Jiang Shao regain Xue’s family and tell the world about Jiang Shao’s identity, but Xue Rong’s succession to the throne was an edict personally issued by the first emperor. The Manchu dynasty’s civil and military have witnessed that the eldest princess could not disobey the first emperor’s wishes, otherwise he was bewitching the officials to change the emperor.

Li Fang was watched by the eldest princess. He pretended to be a vegetable seller and went out and entrusted the first emperor’s will to the trustworthy lord Wei in the palace. Now the eldest princess has learned of the little prince’s life experience and worried that she would be detrimental to her by taking risks. Want to complete the first emperor’s request to prevent the villain from chaosing politics and ruining the country of Lingyang, but the people who are being followed see all this.

Immediately afterwards, Master Wei was chased and killed by a man in black. He ran away and met Jiang Shao. Master Wei transferred the will to Jiang Shao on the grounds that he could not get out of it in an emergency, and asked him to send him to No. C, Chunhua Lane, West City.

Jiang Shao met Feng Chi who was patrolling. He told Feng Chi that he was going to the Chunhua Alley in the west of the city to deliver the letter. After saying hello, the two of them left separately. Jiang Shao thought Master Wei’s things were a bit strange, but he sent it to the west of the city. Unexpectedly, Yueying had come here one step in advance in Chunhua Lane, and got the letter.

Li Huaijin played the emperor. Master Wei Bin, the servant of the Chinese book, passed away. It is said that Master Wei was on the way to the Beijing Outskirts Independent Orphanage. Unfortunately, the emperor was shocked and died. The emperor felt very surprised and sent his father-in-law Guo Fu to the private library to pick something suitable. Sent to Wei Mansion to pay tribute.

Yueying gave the edict she had obtained to the princess. The princess planned to burn it, but she was seized by Yueying and exchanged. Yueying explained that the edict should be used to prove Jiang Shao’s identity and should not be destroyed. The princess still burned the fake edict. Yueying felt that the princess was very confused. Fortunately, he had one hand. After all, Jiang Shao, who was living outside, could not be compared with Li Huaijin, and the Xue family could only fall into the hands of Li Huaijin.

The emperor deliberately created a sheltered encounter between Zhang Yongyao and Princess Shou’an, and wanted to test Zhang Yongyao, let him understand and like Shou’an, and Shou’an also prepared lunch for him.

Jiang Shao planned to find out Wang Gongyang’s residence as soon as possible. At this time, Lu Yuyueying shouted to catch the thief, Jiang Shao took the thief, and the princess came to thank him for his help and gave Jiang Shao a jade as a gift. Jiang Shao refused the kindness, and the eldest princess said that she knew the jade pendant on his body and took him back to the house.

The eldest princess said that more than 20 years ago, Peng Ze pursued and killed the Lingyang imperial family. After she fled to Zhaozhou with her emperor brother, they were separated. Just when she was about to be captured by Peng Ze soldiers, a woman rescued her. At that time, she also wore such a piece of jade pendant. The woman was surnamed Jiang, Jiang Shunying. When Jiang Shao heard this, she said that this person was her mother. The princess pretended to be surprised and wanted to treat Jiang Shao as her relatives. .

At this time someone shouted at the door that the Wang family died, Jiang Shao hurried over and found a masked gangster. After fighting with him, he discovered that this person was Feng Chi. Feng Chi said that he had already admired Jiang Shunying back then. For a long time, but she had a strong temper and committed suicide. Jiang Shao was very angry. At this time, the princess stabbed Feng Chi with a sword for him.

Every step of the princess’s plan is to gain Jiang Shao’s trust. At present, it is important to find evidence to prove Jiang Shao’s identity.

When Jiang Shao saw Xue Rong in the palace, Xue Rong told him that his queen must be Yuzhan, but now the time is not yet here, but you must believe that as long as the two love each other, you can’t help yourself.

Yuzhan met two people in ragged clothes on the street. They told Yuzhan that the Yellow River broke its bank a month ago. Instead of providing relief, the Xingzhou prefect sent officers and soldiers to drive the victims out of the city, leaving them to fend for themselves. It was getting more and more serious, and the prefect of Xingzhou couldn’t help it, so they reported to the victims that it was a riot by the victims. A large number of victims had no choice but to beg all the way to the capital. They kneeled to Yuzhan to save the people in Xingzhou.

Yuzhan reported it to the emperor. The emperor was furious. The number of victims in Xingzhou was over 10,000, and they were hungry everywhere, but no minister knew about the matter. The state official must have concealed the report.

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