Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 16 Recap

This setback caused Gu Yang to change a lot. He re-understood the meaning of the song. Instead of just completing homework as before, he started to learn to express his feelings in songs. Teacher Han was surprised to see Gu Yang’s changes and gave encourage. The stage for Yu Minghao’s new song is set at the beginning of next month. Several dancers are needed. They will be selected from the undebuted trainees. Teacher Han said he will try his best to help them win this opportunity. But Teacher Jiang pointed out that their shortcomings are lack of tacit understanding.

The dance needs to be practiced and cannot be left behind. For this reason, Teacher Han arranged a special training program for them. On this day, Teacher Jiang and Teacher Joe Yi took them to Teacher Han’s hometown. The first song officially released by Teacher Han is here. They have to write a song in this place. Teacher Han chooses one of them as the competition track for “Young New Generation”. Suddenly Teacher Jiang received a call from Teacher Han. She walked to the side and answered gently. Teacher Joey asked everyone to eat, and Teacher Jiang who answered the phone suddenly became serious.

The food was placed on the table. Teacher Joey asked them to answer questions before they eat. If they got a wrong answer, they would take away a dish. The main question was to examine the degree of understanding of everyone, but in the end they only answered one question correctly, so there was nothing left in front of them. When you order white rice, you can only white rice with white water. Joey went out to see that Teacher Jiang’s expression was not right and asked what was going on. Teacher Jiang said that there was an emergency in the company, and Teacher Han asked them to go back immediately, so she and Joey pretended to be okay, went back to the room and explained a few words to the trainees and hurried away. Up.

Before leaving, Teacher Jiang said that they had arranged two rooms for them and let them choose by themselves. Gu Yang pulled the suitcase and heard Xing Hao’s voice in one room, saying that there were already three people, so he went to the other room and saw Lin Chen stunned, and immediately explained that there were already three people in that room. That’s it. Lin Chen went to close the window. Suddenly he screamed and jumped onto the bed. Gu Yang hurriedly asked him what was wrong. He feared that there was a lizard. Gu Yang approached and smiled and said that it was a gecko.

Gu Yang and others began to look for inspiration to create music, but Teacher Han was not satisfied with the homework they handed in. Lin Chen played the famous song written by Teacher Han here, and then everyone came to the 28 Xishui Street mentioned in the song When I met a blind person, he told him that Mr. Han described the appearance of light to him through music. The world became colorful in his heart. Everyone was very inspired by this, and re-searched for inspiration to create.

I heard that Guan Dong led some small shareholders to withdraw their capital to Pingzi, and the company had a huge funding gap. Lin Chen and the others were very worried. Teacher Han comforted everyone that he would find a solution. On this day, Mr. Wang and Teacher Jiang were talking about finding investors. Joey came in with tea. When she put the tea cup on the table, she saw a financing plan on it. When she turned and left, she heard Mr. Wang say People from Chengcheng Technology will come for some time. Chengcheng is still the leading investment company in China. He hopes to negotiate a cooperation.

Joey walked out of the office and picked up his mobile phone to call Ran Xing Li Cheng’s number. Li Cheng said before that if she didn’t go well in Weilai, she could go back to Ran Xing. She was very moved at the time, but now she hesitated. Call Li Cheng at this time, then Ran Xing will attack Weilai, and Weilai will definitely be unable to resist, and once Weilai is broken, she will be of little value. She feels that it is not the time yet.

On this day, the trainees choose the team leader. Many teachers choose Lin Chen, but except for Lin Chen, the other three trainees support Gu Yang. Teacher Han also supports Gu Yang. He asked Lin Chen to focus on his center and focus on practice. , Gu Yang finally provokes the captain’s burden. Although Weilai and Chengcheng have reached a cooperation, they are unwilling to pay for the trainees to debut in the competition, worrying that they will lose money, and they want to invest the money in some mature artists.

Teacher Han and Teacher Jiang were surprised. They argued hard on reason, but Chengcheng’s attitude was very tough. After the people of Chengcheng left, Teacher Jiang was very sad. These children gave up so much. Teacher Han comforted her. He would find a way, but even so, his heart is very heavy. How to overcome this difficulty He had no idea.

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