Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 9 Plot

Both Zeng Yi and Lu Xiaoxue became tools for Yige to commit crimes. Finally after taking a lot of hallucinogen c2. There was hallucination. When Lu Elementary School came to his home, Zeng Yi regarded Lu Xiaoxue as a ghost in the process of escaping. He fell down and died accidentally. Xiaoxue was deeply saddened, and she felt self-blame about Zeng Yi’s affairs. It was because of Zeng Yi that he ended up like this. According to the police investigation, Zheng Yi wanted to kidnap Brother Yi, so that Zeng Yi and Lu Xiaoxue can live a carefree life in the future. It turns out that he is the one who really loves her. As for the person who reported Lu Xiaoxue taking drugs, there is currently no clue.

Wang Xingjian suggested that the most important thing now is to apprehend Lu Hongli.

Team Zheng wanted his wife to go to the reception of his friend Du Mingzhen on his behalf. His wife was very jealous about Du Mingzhen’s relationship with Team Zheng for a few days before, but under her husband’s explanation, even though she felt she was going It was embarrassing to attend the reception. I still agreed, after all, I am the one in my husband’s heart, right?

When Wang Xinjian sent Lu Primary School back to school, Teacher Gong happened to see Xiaoxue and Wang Xinjian who sent her back to school. Seeing Wang Xinjian leaving Teacher Gong, he told Xiaoxue that he felt that Xiaoxue was a sensible person, and let Xiaoxue study hard. If the meaning was unclear, Xiaoxue agreed even though she felt strange.

at night,. Wang Xinjian and Brother Yi met in the bar box. Facing the warm hospitality of Brother Yi, after he took out the c20 again, Wang Xingjian once again mentioned that he wanted to buy a large amount of c2. But Lu Hongyi was not in a hurry, and Wang Xingjian had to go to the toilet with the excuse of his stomach discomfort. After coming back, he told Yi Ge that he was unwell, and he won’t be able tonight. Brother Yi didn’t believe in Wang Xingjian, so Wang Xingjian had to pretend to be seen through by her and said that he had made appointments with some college students. And it was for the drug trafficking business, Yi Ge immediately praised him, Wang Xingjianlin also expressed admiration for him, and Wang Xingjian was also hypocritical. Said to see you next time.

Li Hongyi installed a wiretap in Wang Xingjian’s mobile phone, and wanted to hear about Wang Xingjian’s dealings with their Qindu classmates. In order to convince Lu Hongyi that Xingjian was a disguised drug dealer, Wang Xingjian played a scene with their accomplices pretending to be drug addicts and drug dealers in the bar box. . Only then did Brother Yi believe that he made an appointment to go to the bar at 10:00 tomorrow morning. It seems that this old fox has finally been fooled. Although the action was almost accidental, fortunately, the result was unexpected.

Here Xiaoxue just finished asking, what needs his help from Team Zheng, Team Zheng said to keep him as it is. After hanging up the phone, Brother Yi’s subordinates suddenly came to Lu Xiaoxue’s place and said that someone had something to tell him to do and took him away, but the cell phone that he had just talked with Team Zheng was not taken.

In the bar, Lv Hongyi informed Wang Xingjian of the time, place and quantity of the c2. Just when Wang Xingjian and Team Zheng were secretly happy that Lu Hongyi was fooled. However, Lu Hongyi said that he would not go and would let Lu Xiaoxue go and deliver the goods with Wang Xingjian. Of course this is not possible.

Lu Hongyi must go to the scene in person to get the stolen goods. Wang Xingjian had to pretend to be very dissatisfied, and Brother Yi agreed to join him. Unexpectedly, when it was time for delivery, only his younger brother Along came to deliver the goods. Neither Lu Hongyi nor Lu Xiaoxue came. Along explained that Brother Yi and Lu Xiaoxue had bigger business to discuss, so he asked him to come. Although he was very unwilling, Wang Xingjian exchanged goods in order not to arouse suspicion.

Team Zheng sent someone to follow Aaron, who had delivered the goods, and came to Lu Hongyi’s bar together. Worried that the female Lu Hongyi had another attempt, so she didn’t go in and catch Aaron at first. After Lu Hongyi didn’t show up for a long time, he went in and caught Along. Wang Xingjian also showed his identity as a policeman in front of Along.

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