Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 10 Plot

Team Zheng threatened Aaron. If he wanted to survive, he would explain where Lu Hongyi was. Aaron said he didn’t know. Before he went out, Lu Hongyi was going to pick up the delivery with Lu Xiaoxue. Who knew that when she was about to go out, Lu Hongyi asked him to deliver the goods alone. While the police were searching for it, Lu Hongyi called Wang Xinjian. phone. One mouth is Police Officer Wang. It seems that he already knows the identity of Wang Xinjian. He called this time and asked Wang Xinjian to prepare 3 million yuan, otherwise the safety of Lu Primary School would be hard to say.

Ask to prepare money as soon as possible and trade tomorrow. In order not to reveal the location, he also made special Internet calls. Faced with Li Hongyi’s request of 3 million, Team Zheng certainly did not have so much money, so he asked the Lei Bureau for instructions. The Lei Bureau notified the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary Chen to discuss it together. Decided to believe in their arrest plan this time and agreed to spend 3 million to arrest Lv Hongyi when delivering goods tomorrow

On the second day, Hongyi Lu called and asked for a transaction in two hours. After telling the time and place, he specified that only one person, Wang Xinjian, could go with 3 million. The place of the transaction is Fengcai Street, and the surrounding area has been closely monitored by the police. Secretary Chen also called to ask them to pay attention to safety.

When the Zheng team was about to start trading for arrest. Yang Shujun here, under Zhang Xudong ‘s reminder, brought her daughter to Du Mingzhen’s home for a reception. Du Mingzhen saw Yang Shujun’s worry and comforted her not to worry. Faced with the former girlfriend of the Zhizheng team, Yang Shujun was still talking despite embarrassment and restraint. Under Du Mingzhen’s comfort, she gradually let go of her defenses. Du Mingzhen also introduced. General Manager Dai of Hongye Company and Yang Shujun and Zhang Xudong know each other. Mr. Dai also invited Yang Shujun to work in their company.

Lv Hongyi called Wang Xinjian who had arrived at the delivery location to inform him that he had temporarily changed the delivery location. I caught them off guard. It turned out that the female Lv Hongyi was trying to tune the tiger away from the mountain to make the police tired, and had no time to think of his hiding place so that he could return to his bar to fetch his important things. Team Zheng thought of this. Later, he went to the bar to search, but he couldn’t get Lu Hongyi back.

In the process of interrogation, it was learned that Li Lu Hongyi asked his subordinates to kill Lu Primary School after he fetched things and did not return, and then ran away, Xiaoxue’s life was at stake. Wang Xinjian, through the observation that Lv Hongyi ate hot pot. , And then asked professionals to detect the high-quality ingredients, obtained 4 hot pot locations, and immediately began the search operation.

In an abandoned hut, Xiaoxue was bound by Brother Gui. Ghost brother called Lu Hongyi but no one answered him. He was a little anxious at first. It seemed that he was in trouble. When he was watching Lu Xiaoxue, he searched for their hiding place for the person with him. In the process of rescuing Lu Elementary School, Zhang Zhuoying accidentally hit Team Zheng when she shot Ge Ge. . After being greatly stimulated and targeted, he was immediately sent to the hospital. Everyone in the operating room was worried.

Fortunately, the Zheng team was lucky this time. They didn’t hurt any important parts. Their life is not in danger for the time being, but they still have to be hospitalized for recuperation. Of course Team Zheng didn’t want to. He had just caught a drug dealer and needed to go back for interrogation. Of course everyone disagreed, and the Zheng team had no choice but to respond. After pretending to want to eat, his wife took the opportunity to run out of the hospital…

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