Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 22 Recap

Mai Sichong listened blankly to Mei Weiwei’s account of the changes in the disappearance of the current. Who knew that Mei’s father and mother were eavesdropping outside the door, and rushed in with excitement. The four of them were full of joy.

Xia Rui returned to the training room and received Junjun’s persuasion again. Seeing Ding’s indifferent reaction to her, Xia Rui had nothing to say. Ding Yi, who was full of disdain for Xia Rui’s despicable methods, received Li Daixi’s crisis relief video, and said with joy to his teammates that Maxichong would go for a drug test soon, and Xia Rui couldn’t stand Ding’s words. Ridicule, left.

Mai Sichong and Mei Weiwei did not catch up with the hospital’s drug test, so they had to go back to the school the next day to complete the procedures and then check again. It was too late to get a taxi, and the two of them could only stay in the hotel temporarily. Who knows there is only one room left in the hotel, and the young couple who has not been in love for long can only live in one room first.

Although the identity of the couple has long been confirmed, the two of them are still embarrassed by the sudden solitude. Mai Si Chong, who was already too nervous, looked at Mei Weiwei with wet hair after the shower, and his heart surged even more.

Inexplicably anxious. Mai Sichong offered to help Mei Weiwei blow her hair. When Mai Sichong’s fingers touched Mei Weiwei’s wet hair intentionally or unintentionally, the two very innocent people couldn’t help becoming nervous. Going back and asking if there is a room available in the hotel, it happened that there was an extra room, and the two of them “getting what they wanted” to sleep in separate rooms.

The next day, Mai Sichong and Mei Weiwei approached teacher Meiling to go through the formalities. Unexpectedly, the drug test period has passed and Mai Sichong has been famous by the provincial team. Mai Sichong, who had no choice but to accept the results, could only pull away Mei Weiwei who was stunned. Xia Rui chatted with coach Peipei. Coach Peipi struggled with when to announce the punishment of Mai Sichong, and explained that Xia Rui comforted Mai Sichong. Xia Rui, who had mixed feelings, could only hurriedly agreed.

Mei Weiwei blamed himself for the fact that Maxichong didn’t enter the provincial team, but Maxichong thought that there would be opportunities again. At this time, Mei Weiwei was her most important person. With Mai Sichong’s comfort, Mei Weiwei smiled again.

Mai Sichong found Ding Yi and his party, but did not see Mei Weiwei. He learned that Yuxin had called Mei Weiwei away. It turned out that Mei Weiwei was running for the sake of Mai Sichong’s swimming career, Yuxin’s father. Zhang Weixin proposed to let a credible person come forward to clarify the strength of Maxichong. Mei Weiwei quickly thought of her idol Xunyang…

The next day, Xia Rui found that the announcement had not been posted. It turned out that Xunyang came forward to clarify for Mai Sichong. The city leaders rushed to watch the playoffs between Xia Rui and Mai Sichong. Waiting, but Xia Rui did not appear for a long time. When Max rushed back to the locker room, he discovered that Xia Rui hurriedly left a note of apology and automatically quit the game.

The father and mother of Mai sat nervously at home waiting for the news of the playoff. The two people who had been anxious for a long time finally received the results of the game. Mai Sichong achieved excellent results and successfully qualified for the competition.

Everything is thriving at the beginning of the new semester. Mai Si chong asked about Mei Weiwei’s unfulfilled wish. Mei Weiwei mentioned that because of her special physique, she had never had the opportunity to swim. In order to fulfill Mei Weiwei’s wish, Mai Sichong took Mei Weiwei to the swimming pool, and finally got rid of her troublesome physique, Mei Weiwei finally had a chance to enter the pool safely, and this little couple finally had a wonderful life under all kinds of twists and turns. Life, and even start to imagine the future together.

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