Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 21 Recap

Mei Weiwei and her party were unable to contact Mai Sichong. Li Daixi learned from Ding Yiyi that Mai Sichong was in the swimming pool, so Mei Weiwei and the girls hurried over.

When Xia Rui saw an angry Mai Sichong in the locker room, he knew that the matter had been exposed, and frankly told everything. Xia Rui even knew about Mei Weiwei’s electrification. But Mai Sichong regarded Xia Rui as a friend, but Xia Rui said that everything was just for the game. Hearing that Xia Rui used Mei Weiwei’s matter to threaten him, Mai Sichong couldn’t hold back for a moment, and hit Xia Rui with his fist.

The two immediately scrambled together until Ding Yi and others rushed in to separate the two. Xia Rui, who walked out of the swimming pool, saw Mei Weiwei with an indifferent face, but when he saw Junjun’s disappointed face, Xia Rui was overwhelmed by the sudden sense of shame and could only bow and leave.

Ding Yi learned from Mai Sicong’s mouth that Xia Rui was the person behind the report. He was so shocked that he could not speak for a while. Later, Mei Weiwei and others who rushed to looked at the wound on the corner of Max’s mouth and probably knew what had just happened. Looking at the helpless and lost Mai Sichong, Mei Weiwei felt distressed.

Sitting alone on the bench, Xia Rui recalled everything, including the encouragement of Mexichong when she was down. And at the hot spring party, Junjun prevented him from forcibly pairing what he said. Looking at the text message that Junjun questioned himself received on the phone, Xia Rui was speechless, and could only squeeze one beer can after another.

Mei Weiwei and his party were sitting in the dormitory. Ding Yi analyzed the handle Xia Rui had behind. As the insiders, Mai Sichong and Li Daixi kept silent. Mai Sichong also stopped Mei, who was about to tell the truth. Weiwei, persuade Mei Weiwei to focus on her future.

As soon as Xia Rui returned to the dormitory, she was caught by Ding Yi and the two had a big fight. Xia Rui who left the dormitory and went downstairs met Mei Weiwei again. Faced with Mei Weiwei’s sincere plea, Xia Rui said indifferently that Mai Sichong would not choose to protect Mei Weiwei in the end. But Mei Weiwei accused Xia Rui of being too selfish, and the two of them broke up unhappy.

In order to find a solution on the other side, Mei Weiwei and her parents came to the hospital. The doctor proposed to treat Mei Weiwei’s current with long-term treatment to control the heart rate. To help Mai Sichong, Mei Weiwei forced herself to accept the doctor’s experimental treatment drugs. At night, Mei Weiwei started running at night in the gym.

Ding Yi and his party saw Mei Weiwei running at night, and couldn’t help but become curious. When they caught up, they saw Mei Weiwei’s current causing the vending machine to blackout. It can’t be concealed until now, Mai Si Chong and Mei Weiwei can only confess to everyone, and Ding Yi and others promised not to spread it.

Xia Rui met Junjun downstairs in the dormitory, and Junjun came here to persuade Xia Rui to give up reporting, but Xia Rui still retreats from Mai Sichong’s family situation and only has the opportunity to join the provincial team this time. . Jun Jun retorted that he could not hurt Mai Sichong and Mei Weiwei on the grounds of his family status, but Xia Rui still believed that Jun Jun was only here for Mai Sichong. When he returned to the dormitory, Xia Rui fell into silence as he watched the dialog that he had been with Junjun.

Mei Weiwei and a group of people sat in the classroom, and suddenly all the classmates’ mobile phones rang promptly. Rumors of Mai Sichong cheating broke out in the school’s chat group, and a large number of students adhered to the speech and even blamed Mei Weiwei. The health seminars held by Lin Baihui were surrounded by malicious students. Everyone mocked Mei Weiwei on the stage and spoke badly. Mei Weiwei couldn’t tell the real reason, and could only run away.

Mai Sichong found Mei Weiwei and wanted to apologize to Mei Weiwei, but Mei Weiwei persuaded Max to go for a drug test. There was no need to let Max rush to carry Mei Weiwei’s burden. Mei Weiwei promised that she would find a solution within the deadline.

Mai Sichong and Mei Weiwei went back to their homes and sat in their seats. Each thought of the past and couldn’t help thinking about each other’s grievances when Mei Weiwei was electrified, and Mai Sichong’s love for swimming. At this time, Mei Weiwei received a call from Mai Sichong, who comforted Mei Weiwei and even said that she could give up swimming. I couldn’t help but feel distressed and moved for the dedication that Maxichong made. Until now, Mei Weiwei could only find a doctor to seek experimental treatment. With the assurance of the doctor, Mei Weiwei lay on the experimental test bench.

Mei Weiwei, who had experienced experimental therapy, was exhausted and fell at the door of the dormitory. Li Daixi and her party heard the sound and brought Mei Weiwei back to the dormitory. When Mei Weiwei woke up, Maxichong was lying beside her. When Max asked about the process, Mei Weiwei felt the change in her body, and the current in her body disappeared!

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