Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 24 Recap

Liancheng had just been defeated and the troops were weak, and Qianmian proposed to take the initiative to attack the Southern Region by surprise. Yao Mowan disagreed, thinking that if another attack was launched, the people would only suffer, and asked Ye Hongyi to let him come forward to negotiate with the Southern Region. First, reduce the dikes of the Southern Territories, but reduce the army of Da Chu. casualties. Ye Hongyi sent an elite army to accompany Yao Mowan to the peace talks.

Thousands of faces made people fake military sentiments, Ye Junqing thought Yao Mowan was really going to the Liancheng peace talks alone, and rushed into Liancheng desperately. Knowing that Yao Mowan had been slashed by the Southern General, she was emotionally attacked by the Southern General.

Unexpectedly, the Southern Territory General had already agreed to surrender, and Ye Junqing was calculated by Ye Hongyi. There was a plague in Liancheng, and the supply of food and grass was insufficient. Ye Junqing was concerned about the people. He saw a little girl lose her mother. Ye Junqing contracted the plague to save her from being injured.

Yao Mowan heard that Ye Junqing was trapped in Liancheng and asked Ye Hongyi to send troops to support him. Ye Hongyi had already been murderous against Ye Junqing and was about to use false news to get rid of Ye Junqing. No matter how Yao Mowan pleaded, Ye Hongyi refused to send troops to support him, and asked Yao Mowan not to intervene in the army. Things.

Ye Junqing knew that he was in the game, but before he could fight to the death, he happened to faint when the plague attacked him.

While Yao Mowan and Ye Hongyi were arguing endlessly, military information reported that Ye Junqing was defeated in the Southern Territory and was unfortunately martyred. Yao Mowan heard the news and rushed to Liancheng on horseback and saw Ye Junqing lying down On the bed, hug him desperately.

Ye Junqing saw Yao Mowan in front of him, worried that she would be infected by her, and desperately drove her away. Yao Mowan kissed Ye Hongyi and said that she would live and die with Ye Junqing.

At a critical moment, Ye Hongyi learned that Ye Junqing was not martyred, and deliberately did not send additional rescues. The southern army clamored outside Liancheng that if Ye Junqing did not surrender, Liancheng would be bloodbathed. Yao Mowan said that he would take the initiative to attack and could not wait to be killed, and planned to ask the lord of the Ten Thousand Emperors City Han Jinyi and the Dashu Prince Chu Mobei for support.

It turned out that when Yao Moxin was alive, he had a good relationship with Chu Mobei. Yao Moxin relied on his cleverness to convince Chu Mobei. When he was parting, Chu Mobei gave Yao Moxin a gold coin, indicating that if Yao Moxin was killed, Chu Mobei would definitely help him. Although his subordinates persuaded Chu Mobei not to interfere with the affairs of Da Chu and Nanyu, Chu Mobei wanted to return the favor, saying that this matter must be helped.

The Southern Territory was already near the city, using gunpowder spray to destroy the gate of Liancheng. Ye Junqing wanted to fight for recovery, but Yao Mowan stopped him. Ye Junqing had to stun Yao Mowan, leading the soldiers to guard Liancheng desperately. There was smoke in Liancheng, and Da Chu soldiers suffered heavy casualties. Ye Junqing led the remaining soldiers out of the siege and decided to fight to the death.

Han Jinyi and Chu Mobei fought the Southern Region from left to right, making the Southern Region suffer from the enemy. Ye Hongyi learned that this eradication plan had failed, so he could only send troops to reinforce Liancheng, otherwise it would fail.

Yao Mowan found the herb to cure the plague, Ye Junqing remained unconscious, and Han Jinyi searched for the herb overnight. Ye Hongyi rushed to Liancheng and saw Yao Mowan and Ye Junqing together. He was very angry. He wanted to punish Ye Junqing and accused Yao Mowan and Ye Junqing for being unclear.

Ye Hongyi could let Yao Mowan go, but he would never let Junqing stay overnight, planning to ask him publicly in three days to cure him of the crime of disregarding the king’s law in the army. Unexpectedly, most of the Liancheng soldiers were suffering from the plague. Qianmian said that if he did not get treatment quickly, he might endanger the lieutenant soldiers.

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