Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 23 Recap

Luo Bin asked someone to hold Yao Mowan, but Yao Mowan was very calm, and Luo Bin was impressed. Luo Bin sighed that such ingenuity could not be used by Big Chu, so Yao Mowan had to be killed. But it was not the case. He just used to hold Yao Mowan and let Ye Hongyi send the Iron-Blooded Legion to find her, so that Luo Bin had time to rescue Concubine Shu.

Yao Mowan had already seen all this. Yao Mowan reminded Luo Bin that his meritocracy had already made Ye Hongyi jealous, waiting for Luo Bin to make a mistake. At this time, Ye Hongyi had arranged for Qianmian to set up an ambush in the prison, and Luo Bin’s subordinate Jin Cheng was seriously injured and killed. Luo Bin was very angry and drew his sword at Yao Mowan, but was stopped by Ye Junqing and others. Yao Mowan presented the credit to Qianmen, and Ye Hongyi praised Qianmen repeatedly.

Ye Hongyi was really suspicious, and after catching Luo Bin, he planned to kill him in order to consolidate his imperial power. Luo Bin said that as long as it helps Ye Hongyi consolidate the imperial power, he can do it, but only Ye Hongyi can’t kill himself, and killing his father is a big deal.

In the early years, Luo Bin and Ye Hongyi’s biological mother Xiaorong fell in love, but due to their duties, the first emperor asked Luo Bin to go on the expedition, and then grabbed love to marry Xiaorong, but he did not expect that Xiaorong was already pregnant with Luo Bin’s. flesh and blood. In order to conceal the secret, Xiaorong can only let Ye Hongyi survive as a prince.

Ye Hongyi couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t accept this fact. He always thought he was an orthodox royal bloodline. Thinking of the time when he was a child, Xiaorong made him always vigilant, not to tell anyone that he had a red birthmark, and Luo Bin had such a family inherited birthmark. Ye Hongyi felt frightened and uneasy, and Yin Xue had overheard all this from the roof.

Yao Mowan thought that he intended to arrange the relationship between Xiaorong and Luo Bin, which could stimulate Luo Bin to let him leave the palace, but he did not expect that Luo Bin and Xiaorong really had a relationship. Knowing that the evidence lies in the red birthmark on the arms of the two, Yao Mowan intends to use the gossip in the palace and the relationship between Ye Hongyi and Luo Bin to relied on the blessing, the blessing and the blessing, and the night Hong Yi made a choice.

The rumors in the palace are raging, and Ye Hongyi feels uneasy, but he can’t kill Luo Bin just like that, but forcefully suppress the rumors in the palace. If he finds out, he will be given death. Yin Xue asked Yao Mowan about his next move. Yao Mowan planned to stay still and continue to monitor Ye Hongyi. Ye Hongyi took Luo Bin to Xiaorong Ling’s Hall, and Luo Bin confided to Xiaorong.

Ye Hongyi pretended to cry, and to ensure that his throne was not threatened, he called Luo Bin’s father and handed Luo Bin a glass of wine. Luo Bin was so excited that he vomited blood after drinking from his glass. Before he died, Luo Bin reminded Ye Hongyi that he must get rid of Ye Junqing, because Ye Junqing had the orthodox royal blood.

Ye Hongyi couldn’t calm down inside. He killed his biological father with his own hands. The purpose was to preserve the imperial power. No matter it was a loved one, as long as he threatened his throne, he would be eliminated one by one. Yao Mowan pretended to be pitiful and deliberately asked for news about Luo Bin. Ye Hongyi deceived her and arranged for Luo Bin to return home.

The Southern Territory repeatedly invaded the Great Chu, and the soldiers were very worried. They hoped that Ye Hongyi would send troops to reinforce the border. The court minister agreed to let Ye Junqing lead his troops on the expedition, but Ye Hongyi planned to go on his own to inspire and encourage Ye Junqing to take the outpost. The army went out with the army.

Unexpectedly, the military warned that Yulin Pass was besieged by the Southern Army and urgently needed rescue. Ye Hongyi sent Ye Junqing out and set up a situation to let him get rid of the siege for Da Chu.

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