Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 20 Recap

After thinking about Xinxin’s words repeatedly, Jonna was alone in the office, and she recalled the memory of her struggle with Yuan Shuai. The two in the group photo were smiling brightly. Qiao Na, who had made a decision, came to Yuan Shuai’s office and asked Yuan Shuai to have dinner with the client because of her meal.

Du Lei was in his father’s ward and looked at his father’s face. Du Lei recalled his father’s strict education when he was a child. Even if he scored high in the exam, his father would still punish himself physically for not having a full score. Returning from the memory reaction, Du Lei was already full of fear. When his father finally woke up, Du Lei began to formulately report the status of the company to his father. Du Lei’s weak voice stimulated Du Lei’s nerves.

Du Lei indifferently rebelled against Du’s identity again, but Du’s father, as usual, began to apologize for adopting Du Lei as a substitute for his son and promised Du Lei. After he was discharged from the hospital, he was willing to help Du Lei go to the court to settle the relationship with the Du family. Years of heart knot finally understood, Du Lei finally couldn’t help but began to tremble. The weak figure of Du’s father in front of him made Du Lei’s indifferent mask continue to be tortured, and he could only spend a lot of energy to hold back the tears in his eyes. Du Lei was light. Replied softly and left the ward.

Xu Li and Xiaochuan began to review offline dating videos. Xu Li still questioned the possibility of Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai becoming a couple. But Li Xiaochuan is convinced of the calculation of big numbers. But Xu Li had secretly tried the match with Li Xiaochuan, and the possibility of the two being together was terribly low. Under Xu Li’s tentative question, Li Xiaochuan asserted that it is impossible for people with a low matching ratio to stay together. Xu Li was angry when she heard it, but she could only hold it in her heart.

When Yuan Shuai saw Jiang Jun returning to the company, he began to send messages to Jiang Jun and let him enter the office. It turned out that Yuan Shuai was still angry about what Jiang Jun made to call him at noon, but when he was angry, Yuan Shuai still felt distressed that Jiang Jun was cold outside, and let Jiang Jun warm his hands. The two talked about the first snow of this year tonight, so they decided to meet up for hot pot at home.

Although the cooking skills are not good, Jiang Jun still bought a lot of ingredients to prepare hot pot. While tidying up the dishes, Jiang Jun kept looking up at the time and the immovable door. Time was passing by, but Yuan Shuai hadn’t appeared…

In the restaurant, Qiao Na waited for Yuan Shuai’s figure. It turned out that Qiao Na wanted to ask Yuan Shuai out privately. Under Qiao Na’s constant inquiries, Yuan Shuai answered word by word, about love and about love. But when asked about the possibility of Qiao Na and Yuan Shuai being together, Yuan Shuai justly denied it. Jona was anxious and wanted to refute Yuan Shuai’s opinion, but she was extremely clumsy and knocked over the water glass. Yuan Shuai had to go to the bathroom to wipe off the water. Jona, who was sitting alone, felt very frustrated.

The hot pot was boiling, but there was only one person and one dog at the table, and Jiang Jun’s mood kept sinking. Thinking of an excuse to call Yuan Shuai, who knew that Jona’s voice rang on the other end of the phone. Jiang Jun was so scared that she couldn’t speak, but Jona ordered Jiang Jun not to call to disturb her and Yuan Shuai. Dinner. Jiang Jun was so angry that he poured all the dishes into the pot.

Yuan Shuai was about to leave as soon as he returned to the dinner table. At this time, Qiao Na was aroused by Jiang Jun’s sudden phone call and stopped Yuan Shuai from leaving, and questioned Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai confessed that she already has someone she likes, but Qiao Na accused Yuan Shuai of knowing what she was thinking, but he has not responded.

But still unable to let it go, Qiao Na humbledly asked Yuan Shuai if he could not get someone he liked, whether he could look back and consider the existence of Qiao Na, but Yuan Shuai said that he would stick to it as always. Jona ridiculed that Yuan Shuai, who was victorious in all battles, was also afraid to tell her secret love. At this time, Yuan Shuai chose not to spend time with Jonah, and wanted to rush home quickly to find someone he really liked.

When the first snow of this year came, Xu Li called out Li Xiaochuan in surprise. The two hugged each other unknowingly, and suddenly separated. But their hearts were already full of throbbing heartbeats. Jona, who walked out of the restaurant, was also under the first snow, but suddenly received a call from a customer requesting to hand over the plan in advance.

Jona, who was hit by work and emotions, sat lonely on the street. Du Lei walked out of the company and met Du Lin. The two began to take a walk under Chuxue’s square. They talked about the past, and they talked and laughed. Du Lin said that Du Lei had left the Du family and they were no longer siblings. He confessed to Du Lei about the relationship, and proposed the two people together. Du Lei instantly lost his smile and froze in place.

After eating the hot pot, Jiang Jun still did not recover from his anger. He thought that Yuan Shuai, a big carrot, even if there was a woman outside, he still took up half of his space. Thinking of this, Jiang Jun was so angry that he began to wipe out Yuan Shuai’s “occupation”. Starting from the closet, it was at this time that Jiang Jun turned to the box Yuan Shuai put in the closet, opened the box, and all memories came out, those photos, that The Rubik’s Cube, even Wangcai in front of him is the puppy he once rescued with Yuan Shuai. Memories flooded out.

Jiang Jun found the speech under the box and the love letter written by Yuan Shuai at the time. Reading word by word, Jiang Jun discovered that the teenager Yuan Shuai had a crush on him. The memories and reality were finally connected. All of Yuan Shuai’s words and actions came to mind again. Jiang Jun secretly reddened his eyes and rushed out of the house to find that. people.

At this time, Yuan Shuai was also eager to find Jiang Jun. The two began to meet under the decoration of the colorful lights downstairs at home. The first snow became bigger and bigger. Yuan Shuai couldn’t hold back his confession. After Jiang Jun learned the truth, his heart palpitated. Moving, the 100% paired two finally began to confess their true feelings, and the accumulated emotions burst out together at this moment, embodied between the close lips, and the snow flew down, and the two finally embraced in excitement.

Du Lei stood alone in front of the window looking at the flying snowflakes. Thinking of the conversation with Du Lin tonight, looking at Du Lin’s look forward to, Du Lei rejected Du Lin’s confession with a low voice and said that he was already Someone I like…

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