Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 19 Recap

The offline dating of the Western World was about to begin. Yuan Shuai didn’t plan to participate. On the other side, he heard that Jiang Jun was likely to participate with Du Lei. Yuan Shuai refused to fight and refused.

On the second day, Lily and Xiaochuan were busy arranging the venue, and pushed Du Lei and Jiang Jun away. The two can only walk around the aquarium to kill time. On the other end, the arrogant Yuan Shuai appeared in the aquarium as scheduled, looking for Jiang Jun’s figure all the way, and finally saw a familiar face, but stood with Du Lei. Du Lei popularized the types of jellyfish to Jun Jiang, using the story of the Styx jellyfish as a metaphor for his own situation. Jun Jiang, like Du Lei, was just like the sun, but Jun Jiang was just looking at it as a knowledge of science and did not think elsewhere.

Yuan Shuai, who had been peeking for a long time, felt uncomfortable. He actually bribed the kid on the side to interrupt the conversation between the two. Who knew that the scheme was ruined, and Yuan Shuai had to appear in front of Jiang Jun griefly. Du Lei and Yuan Shuai, who had been chatting happily with Jiang Jun, were like enemies reuniting when they met. When it comes to jellyfish, their strange desire to win or lose ignited, and Jiang Jun on the side felt the sparks between the two. Knowing that something was not good, quickly fled the scene.

Ogawa and Lily have planned the details of the offline date. But on the other side, Yuan Shuai and Du Lei were still fighting over the jellyfish topic. Jiang Jun had to use the excuse of dividing the water to separate the two. At this time, Du Lei received a call from Du Lin. It turned out that Du’s father suddenly fainted. Suddenly, Du Lei had to rush to the hospital.

At the beginning of the event, everyone watched the aquarium show. As the show came to an end, the couples dispersed and started their own activities. Only Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai were left sitting in the huge venue. But the two did not know that the other party was their online netizen. They had to find excuses to get away. For Li Xiaochuan’s data collection, the two had to set off to find their own “100% match users.”

Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai came to the Moby Dick separately. Even though they were 10,000 unwilling in their hearts, they were still half-forced to participate in the activity, put on blindfolds, and entered the scene of a separate date. Lily and Xiaochuan looked at the display screen in front of them. Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai stood in the dark, listening to Lily’s questions one by one on the radio. Their tacit answers prompted the distance between them to gradually shorten. When the last question is over, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai are already standing back to back, about to take off their blindfolds to meet.

When the two of them took off their blindfolds and saw their familiar faces under the huge glass of the Beluga Pavilion, they were all set in astonishment. When their minds turned again, they understood the situation. They could only look at each other with a smile and silently continue to follow. The rules of the game, enjoy the fantastic aquarium in front of you. But the two of them couldn’t concentrate on their eyes, they couldn’t help but their little throbbing was magnified, and their fingers gradually came together…

Xu Li and Xiaochuan, who saw everything in their eyes, were very surprised. Xiaochuan felt that his software’s judgment was absolutely correct. Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai were destined to be a pair. However, Xu Li thought of her relationship with Xiaochuan not yet budding, and couldn’t help feeling something. think. Li Xiaochuan’s high-quality appearance and conditions are very popular everywhere, even in the aquarium, a lot of girls want to meet Li Xiaochuan.

Seeing Li Xiaochuan in front of her being surrounded by girls, Xu Li felt ignored, repeatedly calling out Li Xiaochuan’s name without getting a response, she had to leave in anger. When the crowd in front of him was finally resolved, Li Xiaochuan recovered, but found that Xu Li beside him had disappeared. Although his personality was dull, Li Xiaochuan stood up and took the initiative to look for Xu Li…

Du Lin was sitting in the ward, looking at her father’s tired and weak face, feeling sad. Du Lei rushed to the hospital, but found that the door was full of employees who had received the news. Knowing that the situation of his adoptive father was not very optimistic, Du Lin finally softened his heart this time when he asked for help again. He gave up the idea of ​​re-being himself, returned to the position of GE spokesperson, and began to deal with the difficult crisis.

Xu Li cursed while walking, blaming Li Xiaochuan for being too dull, thinking about how to punish Li Xiaochuan. Unexpectedly, there was a rush of footsteps behind him. The panting Li Xiaochuan finally found Xu Li. Although he was full of accusations, it is not difficult to hear that Li Xiaochuan was actually very concerned about Xu Li’s safety and worried that Xu Li would disappear and be trapped. In the aquarium that is about to close. Li Xiaochuan, who had thought that dumbfounded, would once again ignore her own feelings.

After listening to Li Xiaochuan’s words, Xu Li was shocked by a huge touch and hugged Li Xiaochuan. Unlike in the past, Li Xiaochuan felt Xu Li’s embrace and heartbeat. Starting to accelerate, her fingers couldn’t help but follow Xu Li’s shoulders, but Xu Li, who was about to end the hug, was pulled back by Li Xiaochuan again. Knowing that the elm head in front of her had finally opened up, Xu Li raised her eyebrows in surprise and showed a bright smile.

Su Chang received a call from his girlfriend Xinxin at the company, who knew this time his girlfriend chased the company. This time the lie got bigger and bigger, Su Chang rushed into Yuan Shuai’s office, begging for mercy in every possible way, and got Yuan Shuai’s consent. Su Chang had to make an inch and let Yuan Shuai be a “little assistant” to pick up his girlfriend Xinxin. Yuan Shuai, who was really overwhelmed, still followed suit and took Xinxin into the company. The young lady at the front desk of the company saw Yuan Shuai graciously picking up a girl into the office. The scandal that was rare in a century could not be let go. The news spread quickly throughout the company, and colleagues started talking.

When Xinxin walked into Yuan Shuai’s office, Su Chang began her “boss” role. At this time, Jiang Jun was about to hand in the documents to Yuan Shuai’s office. When he saw Xinxin’s existence, Jiang Jun, who was about to flee, was arrested again.

Xinxin prepared lunch for Yuan Shuai, Jiang Jun and Su Chang and wanted to entertain them. In desperation, he had to follow the “Taiwan Book” Jiang Jun to take his seat, but accidentally dropped his work card on the ground. Xinxin, who still mistakenly thought that Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai were in a relationship, began to tease the two of them, and if there was a chance, it was unnecessary to use it.

Jiang Jun also began to awaken Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai at the moment is full of anger and has nowhere to go. Xinxin happened to have a conversation with Su Chang again. Xinxin began to scold Su Chang’s immediate boss. Yuan Shuai, who was trapped in the role, knew that the demon mentioned by Su Chang and Xinxin was himself, Xinxin Every sentence of angrily added fuel to the fire.

Su Chang’s expression gradually distorted. Xinxin had an appointment to leave, and Yuan Shuai was used again to see off the guests. Jona looked at Yuan Shuai’s respectful attitude towards Xinxin, and couldn’t help making up her mind. When Xinxin was about to leave, Jona took the opportunity to chat with Xinxin. When asked about Xinxin’s identity, who knew Xinxin had told the “fake news” that Yuan Shuai had a girlfriend. Just as Jonah was about to dig deeper, Xinxin stopped talking and concealed the identity of Yuan Shuai’s “girlfriend”. Seeing Xinxin leaving behind, Jona’s eyes sharpened with her thoughts.

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