Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 16 Recap

It’s night, and Su Jianan is still editing the script in front of the computer. This night, he probably wants to land Bo Yan again. I remember that the day before she joined the group, Lu Boyan came several times to give her away supplies. Now those things are still there, and what is Lu Boyan doing now?

Early in the morning, the weather forecast announced that there was a localized heavy rainfall today. Kang Ruicheng wore a suit and prepared to go to see the location layout with Su Jianan, but the assistant stepped forward and said that Director Guo had a temporary job to discuss with him. After going back and forth, he gave all voting rights. They were all handed over to Su Jianan, and the assistant took Su Jianan to collect the scenery.

The exterior scene is a building surrounded by green plants, surrounded by abandoned old building construction sites. This building fits well with the theme of the story. Su Jianan decided to go to the rooftop to take a look. The assistant, of course, let her go. Isn’t that just right and uninvited.

There is only a small door leading to the rooftop. In addition, the place is open and quiet, sometimes the sky is dim, and the sky is gloomy. Su Jianan took a circle around the rooftop and took a picture. It was locked inside, and it was going to be windy and rainy. She called the assistant on the phone and shouted that the signal was not good, and he couldn’t open the door even when she came up to check. This was really unlucky.

The assistant went downstairs under the pretext of asking for help, and then called Han Ruoxi to report. They must let Su Jianan be soaked in the heavy rain and hesitate and helpless, and then notify Kang Ruicheng, rescue in the rain, this kindness will be commendable.

After a flight, Lu Boyan stood at the door of Su Jianan’s residence again, knocked on the door but no one answered. He called, but because of the thunderstorm, he could hear nothing after a few seconds. He only heard Su Jian’an saying he was there. That abandoned building.

Lu Boyan, who was in a hurry, set out to the abandoned building immediately, paying no attention to anything. Han Ruoxi happened to return to her residence from outside, and when she saw Lu Boyan, her first reaction was to stop him, and the whole plan should not be broken because of this accident. She wanted to bring Kang Ruicheng and Su Jianan together. Han Ruoxi hugged Lu Boyan’s clichés and complained to her heart, but in Lu Boyan’s eyes, none of them were important. There was nothing more important than his presence next to Su Jian’an.

He overthrew Han Ruoxi and left immediately. Han Ruoxi fell to the ground and called Kang Ruocheng’s assistant to tell Kang Ruocheng’s assistant that it was time for him to save the beauty.

The sky was dark on the roof of the abandoned building, and the lightning was wrapped in wind and rain and washed everything from top to bottom. Su Jianan hid behind a load-bearing pillar, thinking that the sky was so dark, and remembering that Lu Boyan went to play with him and escaped. I couldn’t bear the darkness for a moment, how could he come up.

As Su Jianan said, the moment Lu Boyan rushed into the dark corridor, he was surrounded by fear. He began to breathe shortly, his legs became weak involuntarily, and finally slumped on the ground. He also thought of certain fragments of his childhood, those who were kidnapped and locked up in a small black room that no one cares about, these gradually engulf him like ants eating their hearts.

Now he is the only one, and no one can help except for himself to break the deadlock. Su Jianan, wait a minute. The door to the rooftop was finally opened, and Lu Boyan desperately called for Su Jian’an, and she finally embraced the person who thought about it day and night in the rainy night. The eager misses filled each other, and sure enough, they were all people who were tortured by misses. Since she loves the other party, there is nothing that can’t be conceded or accommodated.

Lu Boyan actively asked to send her back to her residence, while Su Jianan said that the script was almost changed and she wanted to go home. So they hugged and kissed each other, in the eyes of Kang Ruicheng who was one step later.

When Lu Boyan came back, he did not take Su Jian’an home. Under the big tree on Yinyin Lawn, the box that Lu Boyan had guarded to the death was opened. It was a torn photo of the former fat Su Jianan and the grinning Lu Boyan. In fact, only the first half of the sentence was broadcast on the radio, and the second half he never had the opportunity to say.

Today he must tell Su Jian’an even more. The first half of the sentence is: No one likes to be with a fat girl Be friends. In the second half of the sentence, Lu Boyan turned on the intercom and said: But I, Lu Boyan, just like it! This sentence lacked an explanation back then, until now, it is finally clear, Su Jianan kissed him happily.

After they communicated, Lu Boyan took the initiative to invite Su Jianan to share a bed with him. Since then, Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu are really worthy of their names. In the evening on a bed, Lu Boyan approached her. Su Jianan was unavoidably a little shy, and turned off the lights. Suddenly, Bo Yan was like a frightened bird.

In the early morning of the next day, Su Jianan wanted to ask about this, but Lu Boyan thought about him. It was not until she asked Yue Chuan that Lu Boyan’s birthday was approaching, but he never had it. That day also happened to be the anniversary of Lu Boyan’s father’s death, and when he was a child, the radio misbroadcast that incident. Lu Boyan asked Su Jian’an to explain. It was also that day, what did these have to do with his fear of darkness? Su Jianan couldn’t help but guess that he cherished Lu Boyan’s likes and hoped to help Lu Boyan out of fear.

Only when I really asked Lu Boyan did I know that that day he originally asked to come to Su Jianan to explain, but was kidnapped by a competitor in his father’s business field. When he was rescued to go to the appointment, only one was torn under the big tree. Photo. My father also died of a heart attack on this day. Relatives, friends and personal safety all left him on the same day. Lu Boyan, who has lost his sense of security, is always depressed on his birthday.

In the evening, Su Jianan came over with a blindfold. He wanted to help Lu Boyan fear the darkness.

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