Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 15 Recap

Kang Ruicheng approached Su Jianan and confessed to her that there was a problem with the company’s capital chain. In order to ensure the filming progress of the crew, while taking into account funding issues, Mr. Kang asked Su Jianan to modify the script to cut down and compress various costly scenes to reduce shooting costs. What’s strange is that Han Ruoxi was just an observer at this meeting, and she didn’t say a word during the meeting.

The next morning, Kang Ruicheng led Su Jian’an to Han Ruoxi’s room. This time, Han Ruoxi’s attitude towards Su Jian’an was almost friendly, and even humbly asked the characters to figure out their psychology. In response to her request, Su Jianan and Kang Ruicheng personally demonstrated the psychological performance of the scene for her. Before she knew it, Han Ruoxi secretly filmed the scenes of Su Jianan and Kang Ruicheng acting, and she ignored them before and after.

This line of lines listened affectionately and sincerely. At this time Su Jianan’s cell phone just rang on the table, and it was Lu Boyan who called. Han Ruoxi quietly connected while the two of them were acting, and eager lines out of context were sent to Lu Boyan’s ears. The phone side confessed affectionately, but the phone side was silent.

Shocked and angry, Lu Boyan was in a mess, and the phone hung up. Han Ruoxi was very happy, and she couldn’t help but praise their acting skills.

After explaining the script to Han Ruoxi, Su Jianan returned to the room and received a call from Lu Boyan again. He insisted on asking her to go back. He could send her to any crew besides Kang Ruicheng. Su Jianan has her own ideas and pursuits. She doesn’t want to get these things easily through Lu Boyan’s interference. That’s why she came to this crew. She didn’t expect how long it had been before, and Lu Boyan started to care about everything again. It must be done for her. Without being too speculative, they just hung up the phone angrily.

In the evening, Su Jianan revised the script and Kang Ruicheng accompanied him. Seeing again with this hair tie girl she has been looking for for many years, I don’t know if it is fate or God’s favor. Kang Ruicheng got up and tied the headband back to Su Jian’an’s hair. Lu Boyan rushed to the crew to see this scene overnight. The blood surged and beat Kang Ruicheng. Su Jianan hurriedly dissuaded him. This person was crazy, and the crew came all the way to fight without asking.

Lu Boyan is naturally the closeness of Kang Ruicheng and Su Jian’an, and now even the hair band can tie her to how close it should be. What Su Jian was so angry about was that he had previously said that he would not interfere and not come to her, but now he has forgotten all of them. It is simply unreasonable to make a move for the inexplicable domineering and possessive desire. For so many years, Lu Boyan is still the big liar who loves to bully and self-righteous. Snipe and clam are competing for the fisherman’s profit. Han Ruoxi, who has been watching the show in the dark, is probably extremely happy.

After a big quarrel that day, both of them experienced a long period of depression. Lu Boyan was often in a trance during meetings, and Su Jianan was ignorant of food and spirit. And even so, Han Ruoxi still wouldn’t be satisfied with it, she didn’t want Lu Boyan and Su Jianan to make a small fight for a few days and finally reconcile. What she wanted was to dismantle these two people thoroughly, so she found Kang Ruicheng’s assistant, who was mixed with three points of truth and seven points of falsehood, and the little assistant did not hesitate to do everything for Mr. Kang and Su Jianan.

Lu Boyan and Su Jianan are still in a cold war, and it’s really hard to live without paying attention to each other.

When he was a child, Lu Boyan mistakenly told Su Jian’an to make fun of Su Jian’an on the school’s radio. He remembered that Su Jian’an cried and said that he was a big liar that day, but now they are married, Su Jian’an still calls him a liar. He didn’t expect him to be called Su Jian’an for so many years. Disappointed. But what was it because of fear of losing? I was afraid that Su Jianan would not like it, and I was afraid of inferiority.

Luo Xiaoxi took the initiative to assume the task of enlightening Su Jianan. Lu Boyan is indeed very domineering and unreasonable, but he does dominate his wife, and after being with Lu Boyan, Su Jianan herself has become more and more courageous emotionally, which shows that she loves him, not relying on endless You can deceive yourself if you paralyze your work.

Rather than being sad in these two places, it is better to try to communicate. The Cold War will always end, so why not bloom earlier? They are all trying to call each other.

Su Jianan’s phone rang suddenly, but it was Kang Ruicheng who reminded her that it was time to go out to collect scenery.

When Shen Yuechuan looked at such a depressed boss, he was so depressed because of his feelings. The business genius was like an idiot in his feelings. The more he thought about it, the more angrily he asked Lu Boyan loudly. He didn’t dare to let go of something. ? Does it feel good to be an emotional loser? With a sharp and scorching sentence, Lu Boyan is after all hard to bear the strong miss brought by feelings, he is not a coward, he thinks he has to find his wife.

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