Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 8 Recap

The two presidents of the IT company vomited to each other in the room, and then talked about the story of the two entrepreneurs. At the beginning, the two were poor and they finally made the first pot of gold. After a 39-self-service meal, the stomach was bleeding. And now it’s back to the feeling of that year. Both of them have paid a lot for this company. One of them who had been in business for 12 years ran away, and the other did not even see his father’s last side. This meal is actually the company’s scattered meal. I wanted to celebrate it, but it turned out like this.

Yue Ran heard these words and found Xie Fanyu. It is said that they had the courage when they were poor and white. Now they have more than 1 million, but they can’t start all over again. However, Yue Ran said that he must regain confidence in the company. It men’s favorites are beautiful women and games, so Xie Fanyu thought of giving them an outdoor CS competition. Xie Fanyu originally wanted to take this opportunity to increase his friendship with Yue Ran, but Yue Ran kept focusing on David.

The employees of the Internet companies are all scattered in the sand, without organization and discipline. They wandered separately, and they were defeated one by one by the ZAD team. However, the two Internet company leaders were almost wiped out by the dispute with each other.

As a result, Xie Fanyu wanted Duan Jian to attack David, but Duan Jian went to protect Ning Jiajia. He staged a heroic rescue scene with the other party, and Ning Jiajia killed both of them after learning the truth. Xie Fanyu wanted to kill David secretly, but Yue Ran discovered that several people quarreled, saying that their military spirit was unstable and how to break out. Everyone at the Internet company saw this scene, and they attacked and killed several CAD employees. At this time, Yue Ran didn’t want to leave David alone to break through, so he blocked David’s gun. After being shot, the two of them started a celebrity and queen-level drama. Xie Fanyu snatched Yue Ran from it and cried bitterly while holding him.

The final winner of this live-action CS is Single Dog Technology Company. The two presidents said that they are very grateful for this opportunity. They have prepared severance pay, break-up meals and so on for their employees. However, the employees said they wanted to continue to follow the boss, saying they could start from scratch. This time the team building was successfully completed, David and Xie Fanyu officially fought, and the two were ready to compete on a fair basis with Yue Ran.

Xie Fanyu came to the kitchen department. Recently, the food in their hotel is no longer a signature. So he decided to pay close attention to the back kitchen, and at the same time, no matter who made good suggestions, and the employees who were adopted have the opportunity to be promoted, the interns can be appointed directly. And he also needed an assistant. After everyone signed up, Xie Fanyu said that the fifth one here just selected Yue Ran.

Xie Fanyu received Dahai’s guidance and decided to find a suitable place to formally confess to Yue Ran. As a result, Yue Ran suggested that the food in their high-end hotels could not be grounded, and suggested a crayfish party. However, Xie Fanyu had never eaten crayfish, so Yue Ran decided to take him to a crayfish shop called Manly. Xie Fanyu asked him how the environment of the crayfish shop was. He said it was luxurious and high-end and had lake views. So Xie Fanyu dressed up and came to a roadside stall in a suit. They are now on the number 500. Xie Fanyu didn’t want to wait, so he told the front desk that he would buy the most expensive box at 10 times the price, so the two of them successfully entered the masculine lobster.

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