Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 7 Recap

David took Yue Ran to the pottery room to do handicrafts, and the two people had a lot of affection. At this time, Xie Fanyu also appeared, disrupting their work. Xie Fanyu kept making trouble for Yue Ran, and finished the ceramic handwork he wanted to give David.

At the same time, Susan and Lu Hao came to the guest room to clean, but Susan thought that the IT guy’s team building was too messy. So he decided to clean up in the next room. The next room was a horny old man. He wanted to do something bad to Susan because of his wealth. Susan quickly called Lu Hao on the walkie-talkie. Lu Hao hurried over, saved Susan and said that he had already recorded. If you don’t want to make a big deal, just shut up. Susan wanted to find the old man to reason, but was stopped by Lu Hao. Lu Hao said that he was in a hotel, not a school. He put away her eldest lady’s temper and left.

In the evening, Yue Ran received a call from the back chef, saying that people from technology companies wanted to eat Swiss cheese fondue. Xie Fanyu said that he came back from Switzerland, and this hot pot was a breeze for her. Yue Ran immediately asked Xie Fanyu to ask him to make the same ceramic doll and give it to himself. Yue Ran resolutely agreed.

The two came to the freezer and prepared to take ingredients for hot pot. As a result, the two picked up the freeze-dried food to fight each other, but the door of the freezer room suddenly closed. Yue Ran thought he had brought the card, but found that he had forgotten it outside. Xie Fanyu was about to make a call, but found that the mobile phone had no signal. So the two could only warm each other in the freezer, Xie Fanyu took off his coat and gave it to Yue Ran. When Yue Ran saw Xie Fanyu fell to the ground due to stomachache, he immediately went over to help him warm up, told him non-stop jokes, and told him not to fall asleep. Finally someone found that the two were locked in the freezer. Rescued.

David and Mia hurriedly came to see what Xie Fanyu was doing. Dr. Ma said that fortunately, the discovery was timely and there was no major problem. Just let him rest and restore his body temperature and strength. Yue Ran wore a bath towel next to him, very worried, looking at Xie Fanyu. David came to ask him if there was anything wrong with him.

Yue Ran said that he and Mr. Xie were together and someone would come to save him. However, David said that because he and Mr. Xie were together, it was even more worrying. David said that he should not do this anymore, everyone would worry about him, and Yue Ran joyfully said in his heart that everyone was worried or he was worried. After returning to the dormitory with a smile on his face because of the long-term freezing, Yue Ran also smirked.

Under the care of his family, Xie Fanyu’s mother made him a stewed bird’s nest with pigeon eggs. However, Xie Fanyu didn’t want to eat anything. His wife saw Xie Fanyu like this and said whether he was in love. Xie Fanyu didn’t admit that he was just a little tired recently, but his wife said that he was tired because he couldn’t get what he wanted. Xie Fanyu hid under the quilt angrily.

Xie Fanyu came to the back kitchen and said he was looking for a little hippo, and Yue Ran asked her who the little hippo was. Yue Ran said that there was no need to clean up the guest room, their dishes had been broken, and there was no need to wash them. Yue Ran expressed the hope that Mr. Xie would send them to the lunatic sanatorium, otherwise the chef would enter the lunatic sanatorium.

The company was set up in a buffet restaurant to eat, and they were all desperately eating seafood. If this went on, it would kill people. Yue Ran thought of a way to get the girls in the hotel to dance to attract their attention.

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