Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 6 Recap

At the press conference site, Xie Fanyu said that this video was actually an AI face-changing technology. In some imperceptible corners, another person’s face can be seen, and they have captured the person in the composite video. This is Xiao Cui from the Security Department. Xiao Cui said that he was just unfair. He felt that some were born as high-ranking nobles, but he could only be a small security guard in the Security Department. After the press conference, Xie Fanyu and David high-five to celebrate. It seems that the two had planned for a long time, and only Yue Ran was kept in the dark.

At the same time, Xie Fanyu recalled that he was the first to attack the hotel, and the person with the wind must be the mastermind. In this way, he found out that there was news that Yue Ran was an intern under the post. Xie Fanyu guessed that it must have been done by internal personnel, because they did not announce that Yueyang was an intern, and this person knew the hotel’s marketing strategy well. He asked the technician to monitor the person’s IP address.

After Yue Ran learned of this, he cried bitterly and lost his temper at Xie Fanyu. Xie Fanyu said that he didn’t mean it, and Yue Ran still reluctantly said that because of his problem, Xie Fanyu sincerely apologized to Yue Ran. Yue Ran expressed his surprise. He didn’t expect Xie Fanyu to take the initiative to apologize. At this moment, a mysterious hotel staff called a person named Miss Bai, saying that 300,000 had already been paid, and he would resign immediately and everything was arranged.

Xie Liming praised Xie Fanyu for doing a good job this time. However, Xie Fanyu said that this matter is far from being as simple as it seems. After the survey of technicians, the AI ​​face-changing technology cannot be made by such a casual company. There must be a bigger messenger behind him. Xie Liming said that this hotel has caused a great negative impact on the hotel, and it may not disappear in a short time. However, Xie Fanyu said that he also said that he could create more heat, and then keep the heat of the hotel on top.

Xie Fanyu held a press conference and said that they had surveyed the hotel’s equipment and services and found that some mattresses were aging, so he burned the aging mattresses in front of the reporter, and ZAD is about to welcome one New watershed.

Xie Fanyu found Yue Ran and asked him to try the mattress. Yue Ran asked Xie Fanyu for a favor, saying that he had been tortured very miserably these days, and finally healed his grievances. If you want to be a trial sleeper, you need to be paid. Yue Ran said that he thought about it before telling him, so Yue Ran started to try the mattress.

Yue Ran is very good at this aspect. Through the technique of lying on the bed and bouncing, he judged that there can be some bad materials inside the mattress, and this ability of Yue Ran has been fully utilized.

In Yue Ran’s narration, Xie Fanyu learned that Yue Ran had no mother for a long time, and because he followed his father around selling mattresses, he was very fond of the hotel. Most people passed the first round of intern interviews, and two of them were expelled because of malicious speculation on their colleagues.

After finishing the first round of interns, ZAD Hotel ushered in a team building for a single dog technology company. They are all technical IT men in their company, making the whole room messy. According to Xie Fanyu’s preliminary statistics, they had to compensate the hotel for 80,000 yuan on the first day. However, the president of their company said that they have a budget of 1.5 million yuan. Xie Fanyu said that he tried his best to meet all the requirements of your company.

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