Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 5 Recap

Susan and Lu Hao were originally a couple at school, and they still had a sweet relationship after they arrived at the hotel. The two showed affection in front of everyone. Lu Hao was checking the invoice issued in the front office. Susan complained to him that the work in the front office was really boring, and she was seriously lack of sleep, so she must go back to sleep well today. At this time, Lu Hao found an invoice that Susan had previously issued to the guest. There was a problem with the amount. Susan quickly called back to the guest’s room.

However, the guest refused to acknowledge the existence of the invoice and said that he had lost it. Susan recalled that because she was in a hurry to make a video call to Lu Hao, she accidentally entered the wrong invoice amount. Lu Hao angrily said that he couldn’t do this well, and Susan returned to the dormitory angrily.

Susan kept crying in the dormitory, Yue Ran, Ning Jiajia and others were comforting him. A few people thought about a way, but if it didn’t work, they asked Ning Jiajia to use the beauty trick. The four people came to the door of the guest’s room who issued the wrong invoice. Yue Ran didn’t see it clearly after knocking on the door. The visitor knelt down and apologized to the guest, hoping that the guest could return the invoice to himself. Susan pulled Yue Ran up, and Xie Fanyu walked out of it, saying that a few people should not be embarrassed.

At this time, everyone received a new notification on their mobile phones. Xie Fanyu issued a new order stating that employees are not allowed to fall in love in the hotel. Except for those who have determined their relationship and marriage, if they are caught Face deductions, serious ones will even be expelled. Today, employees Susan and Lu Hao had a work error due to a relationship issue and each deducted 6 points. Everyone felt shocked. Lu Hao came to Xie Fanyu’s office and asked him whether he had made a mistake and why he was deducted points. Xie Fanyu said that because he was in love with Susan, and in order to protect himself, he betrayed Susan, so he and Su Shan received the same punishment, and Lu Hao was speechless and could only choose to leave.

Yue Ran found Xie Fanyu and asked him about the invoice. Xie Fanyu said that he only needs to report to the financial department. Yue Ran said that it was his power that prevented everyone from reporting at will. At this time, Chopin came and said that someone had committed suicide by diving, and the two rushed to save the people. Chopin accidentally pushed Yue Ran into the water, Xie Fanyu rescued the diving, and then rescued Yue Ran. After waking up, Yue Ran hiccups continuously, very shocked, because Yue Ran has a problem with hiccups when he meets a person he likes.

David was very dissatisfied with the instructions issued by Xie Fanyu, because the staff at the hotel rarely had contact with the outside world. They can only love each other and comfort each other to form a family. However, Xie Fanyu said that because couples quarrel will always lead to work mistakes, David said that it is also good for employees to fall in love. Xie Fanyu asked angrily, is it the vice president dancing with employees in the middle of the night? David felt that this was deliberately aimed at him and Yue Ran.

This day, a video of Yue Ran using the toilet towel to wipe the cup suddenly appeared online. On the Internet, the security measures of Yue Ran and the hotel were all condemned, and the resort hotel was once in crisis. Regardless of Yue Ran’s explanation, Xie Liming asked for an immediate press conference, and then asked Yue Ran to admit his mistake in public and resign. Yue Ran said that he didn’t understand very much. He had to admit his mistakes for what he hadn’t done. However, everyone knew in their hearts that someone deliberately framed Yue Ran, but he couldn’t get back.

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