Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 4 Recap

At the wedding, Ning Jiajia knew that Zhang Jiadong had always regarded himself as a substitute for his dead lover and was very angry. James’ wedding was messed up, although it ended successfully. Yue Ran discovered at the wedding that the old paparazzi appeared again, and he hurriedly chased the paparazzi. The two were running wildly on the mountain road. At this time, Xie Fanyu appeared. The paparazzi and Yue Ran stopped Xie Fanyu. Yue Ran discovered that the paparazzi was actually called by Xie Fanyu. The purpose was to make this happen. Expose it, thereby enhancing the visibility of the hotel.

Yue Ran felt that Xie Fanyu’s behavior was very shameful. On the one hand, he restrained employees and not allowed to disclose the news, on the other hand, he bought paparazzi to expose the star wedding. However, Xie Fanyu felt that these employees did not understand the management’s ideas. He did this to increase the hotel’s passenger flow, otherwise he would use air to pay the employees. Yue Ran used this incident as a threat and asked Xie Fanyu for a death-free gold medal. Whether he or someone else was fired later, he could use this gold medal to save others. Xie Fanyu had no choice but to compromise.

At this time, the hotel management met and said that Chopin, a creator who often commits suicide, was staying in the hotel, and Xie Fanyu arranged Yue Ran as his personal butler. Yue Ran was miserable by Chopin, but he still did not give up. He accompanied Chopin every day to cooperate with his pranks. David made a move for Yue Ran. Yue Ran used Chopin’s songs as his mobile phone ringtones, and successfully gained the trust of Chopin, and the two became good friends.

In the evening, David asked Yueran to go out to listen to a concert, but could not attend the appointment because of work. Dressed by Ning Jiajia, Yue Ran wore a beautiful skirt. When he arrived at the entrance of the concert, he waited for the news that David was not coming. Yue Ran said he was very sad, and at this time, Xie Fanyu had just left Ning Jiajia’s appointment and drove past the concert, and found that Yue Ran was wearing a short skirt at the door. In his words, he mocked Yue Ran for dressing like this and being outside at night. Yue Ran lost his temper and yelled at Xie Fanyu.

Xie Fanyu suddenly lost his move. He took Yue Ran to the mountain to drink red wine, saying that today, he can say whatever he wants, and he wouldn’t mind. Yue Ran complained about everything he had done and asked Xie Fanyu why he didn’t drink. Xie Fanyu said he was allergic to alcohol. Yue Ran said that Xie Fanyu was hypocritical. After taking a sip of wine, Xie Fanyu was a little drunk and secretly kissed Yue Ran. Yue Ran was shocked and pushed Xie Fanyu away. Xie Fanyu didn’t know himself. What’s wrong, so he deliberately pretended to be drunk and fell into the trunk.

Yue Ran could not wake Xie Fanyu the next day, so he drove him back to the hotel. When David sent a message to Yue Ran at the door, he suddenly saw Yue Ran walking out of Xie Fanyu’s car. His heart was very jealous, so he began to look at Yue Ran with a face. Yue Ran didn’t know. So, when he was playing with Chopin, Chopin found out that he was in a bad mood. After learning that Yue Ran liked David, Chopin found David and said that he was going to have a birthday party, so he must come.

In the evening, David arrived and saw Yue Ran singing on stage. He was fascinated by such a beautiful woman. Seeing this, Chopin changed the person in charge to hi music, and several people started dancing on the dance floor. At this time, Xie Fanyu saw the news from the hotel group and came to the scene. He started fighting with David and was jealous, and wanted to dance with Yue Ran.

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