Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 3 Recap

When Yue Ran was passing by the elevator, he found a strange woman. This woman accidentally ran into him when he was chasing the drone before. So he pretended to be calm and took the same elevator upstairs with the woman. After the woman left the elevator, she followed and found the room the woman entered. He opened the door quietly, only to find that the woman was wearing James’ wedding dress and was making random gestures with a knife in her hand.

This woman is actually a big fan of James. He didn’t know how to learn that James was going to get married. So he sneaked into the hotel and stole the wedding dress. He wielded a knife frantically and told Yue Ran that he loved him so much. Can’t get married, or marry yourself. At the same time, Xie Fanyu and others also found the woman who stole the wedding dress through surveillance. They found that Yue Ran and the woman took the same elevator upstairs. Xie Fanyu immediately walked out of the monitoring room, preparing to find Yue Ran, because Yue Ran might be in danger right now.

Xie Fanyu sneaked into the room from the balcony, and at the same time, Yue Ran was trying his best to calm the woman’s mood. He tried to attract the attention of the woman so that Xie Fanyu could take the woman’s sword from behind. However, the two of them miscalculated, the woman was particularly vigilant, and even injured Yue Ran with a knife, and Yue Ran’s blood flow continued. When the three were anxious, James put on his bathrobe and rushed to the scene. The woman was very excited when she saw it. James said to give herself some time to chat with him.

Everyone left the room, leaving James and the woman alone. James persuaded the girl to put the dagger down first. The girl hesitated for a while and threw the dagger on the ground, saying that she didn’t mean to, and that she loved him so much. James said that he had heard and seen girls’ names and faces in many activities, but as a man, he should be responsible to his wife. At this time, the fans suddenly asked James how tall he was. James said he was 1.8 meters tall. The fans dismissed him and said that James must be only 1.75 meters at most. James seemed to realize what he was telling fans. In fact, he fell in love with TV. The perfect man is not the James in front of him. Finally, the woman was taken away from the police station, and Yue Ran was taken to the hospital by Xie Fanyu for treatment.

In the evening Yue Ran woke up to find out. I am in the hospital, and 12 o’clock has passed. He quickly bid farewell to David and came to Xie Fanyu’s office. At this time, hearing the sound of throwing objects from Xie Fanyu’s office, Xie Fanyu expelled another intern.

Yue Ran went into the office with trepidation, Xie Fanyu said that there was no chance. When Yue Ran was about to leave disappointedly, Xie Fanyu took out a letter to Yue Ran. Yue Ran said that he didn’t want to see Sichuan, but opened it, and found that it was a thank-you letter from James, which means that he didn’t need to leave. Yue Ran expressed his gratitude to himself and would definitely work hard.

At the same time, Ning Jiajia’s dream is to find a rich man in the hotel. There was a frustrated man in the swimming pool who kept showing good wishes to Ning Jiajia. In the evening, a colleague told him that Zhang Jiadong was a rich man and was one of the guests of James’ wedding. At night, Zhang Jiadong bought a lot of things for your family, expressing that he wanted her to be a girlfriend

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