Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 2 Recap

Master Zhou is instructing to arrange the cake to be formed. Master Zhou’s hand was shaking when the decoration began. Yue Ran took a bottle of wine and ran over and said Master Zhou, I am coming. I drank it immediately and it worked perfectly. .

When the cake was presented, James stepped forward and looked at the birthday cake, reaching out and taking a spoon, digging a spoon to eat it, and then asked what its name was. Yue Ran said it was only one encounter. Mr. Xie said he hoped to continue to work, but Master Zhou refused. Mr. Xie told Yue Ran that you were fired and that you should not be allowed to do whatever you want when you go out during work. Yue Ran said that it is you to do whatever you want.

Mr. Xie said that my humanity is for the guests, and Yue Ran was angry and said that I said you were rubbish. A guest was calling and smoking, Yue Ran picked up the fire extinguisher and sprayed it out. Mr. Xie ordered her to leave. The roommates reluctantly prepared to send Yue Ran away. Mr. Xie stood outside and said that the driver didn’t need to leave work.

There is also news that you can stay by earning one point at 12 o’clock the next midnight, Yue Ran shouted happily. Ning Jiajia saw the VIPs in the villa area deliberately went up to strike up a conversation, and then enthusiastically said that I would open it for you, and the man replied unprofessional. James introduced the wedding dress he had brought and said that it was used by my mother during the marriage and must be protected.

Yue Ran asked James how he behaved and whether he could write a letter of praise, but James disagreed. Suddenly a drone appeared outside the window. Yue Ran ran out and a man in black collided. Yue Ran continued to chase. The drone fell under the grass and was picked up by a black circle man.

Yue Ran said that no one is allowed in the hotel. The plane flew in and returned it to you in a few days. Mr. Xie came over, and Yue Ran told Mr. Xie that he thought it was a paparazzi after his analysis, and Mr. Xie said it was handed to me. The wedding dress was gone. Check the surveillance. Yue Ran knocked on the door to see who stole the wedding dress.

The surveillance saw the man in black sneaking in. Yue Ran noticed that the woman in black in the elevator entered the elevator. Yue Ran followed her secretly. The woman pulled into the room and took out the knife and asked why she was following me. It turned out that the man in black was a fan of James. Yue Ran comforted her and told her not to get excited.

Mr. Xie went over the fence, Mr. Xie grabbed the knife and scratched Yue Ran’s arm. Yue Ran said that I hate James. He wants to take a milk bath and take various photos. I want to do something. My boss just finds the fault. Now I sympathize with him and said a lot of Barbara. The woman took a knife and said I didn’t believe it.

James just came and told others to go out, and learned that her name was Xinxin and said that I saw you in the back-up club. The woman looked at him and said that you were at most 1.75 meters, not like the photo at all, and there were blackheads on his face. . . . . Mr. Xie took Yue Ran to the infirmary, thinking that it was actually not so hopeless. The phone rang and the black circled man took Mr. Xie privately. The filming canceled 10,000.

The man thought that he could not just make money. family. The man with glasses is James Zhang Jiadong, who is listed for several billion yuan. He wants to pursue the best and give gifts. Yue Ran woke up and saw that it was David. He asked what time it was, it was almost twelve o’clock. Yue Ran quickly got up and said there was something important.

He came to Xie’s head office and asked if he could add the points back. Xie couldn’t be late When the time came, Yue Ran turned and left. Mr. Xie took out a letter, don’t you want to read it? Yue Ran opened it to see that it was a thank you letter written by James. Very happy.

The wedding started at ten o’clock, everything was ready, exchange wedding rings, witness the sweet moment, after the bouquet was received by the man in glasses, he knelt in front of Jiajia and proposed marriage. The two embraced and kissed, and Yue Ran found that the paparazzi was again Taking a photo, Mr. Wei called the Security Department and quickly blocked the scene. The man with glasses disappeared when he touched his phone.

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