First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 22 Recap

Xiong Yifan’s father needs to go out for three days, so Xiong Yifan looks at the shop. Xiong Yifan saw a sneaky kid approaching the store and deliberately gave him a chance to steal something. He saw that the kid was about to take an egg tart and ran away, but was scared by her yell and the egg tart fell on the ground.

It turned out that the child’s mother was in the hospital. She had eaten Xiong Yifan’s egg tarts before, so she said that she won’t feel uncomfortable after eating. The little boy remembered his mother’s words before he came to get the egg tarts and promised to settle the accounts after his mother was discharged from the hospital.

In order for the little boy to have egg tarts to give to his mother every day, Xiong Yifan deliberately learns to make egg tarts with his father. At the same time, if she goes to the United States, she may also be able to open a cake shop and live a stable life with Yan Ke.

Just as Xiong Yifan was tasting the tart he made, he was surprised and delighted when he saw Yan Ke suddenly appear behind him. Unexpectedly, Yan Ke suddenly hugged Xiong Yifan tightly, as if afraid of losing her. Yan Ke deliberately took the English book given to Xiong Yifan before. Because he had experienced the shadow of disappearing before, Yan Ke could no longer accept such a sudden separation, let alone accept him as a man who Xiong Yifan could not share.

Only then did Xiong Yifan know that Yan Ke liked himself as early as high school, and knew the meaning of English books here. She apologized again and again, in exchange for Yan Ke to hug and kiss him tightly, when Xiong Yifan came to the moon.

The next moment, Yan Ke stood at the counter of the supermarket worrying, and simply bought all the sanitary napkins. After that, he cooked brown sugar water personally to comfort Xiong Yifan who was suffering from dysmenorrhea. As for giving up going abroad, although Yan Ke is sorry for his parents’ expectations, he has chosen a path that he will not regret.

Ding Ming’s work was in trouble because of the model’s failure to make an appointment, but Bai Yuze voluntarily agreed to act as a model to help. When editing the film, Bai Yuze pressed the keyboard with one hand and the mouse with the other hand to teach Ding Ming to modify the picture, as if hugging her tightly from behind, the two of them bowed their heads and turned their heads back, and their lips kissed together just a few minutes away.

Ding Ming ran out of the studio shyly, but Bai Yuze pretended that nothing happened in order to break the embarrassment and pulled her to eat together. The two were so happy that they finished their meal. Ding Ming took Bai Yuze to visit the stray cat she had been taking care of. This beautiful scene was also sealed by Bai Yuze’s camera forever.

Two people have been dating for a whole day, but the original happy atmosphere is shattered in Bai Yuze’s words. For Ding Ming, who can’t get it, the more beautiful memories are, the more hurtful. If she can, she would rather Forget it all.

Ding Ming ran away alone, sitting on the street alone, Bai Yuze thought for a long time, but still appeared in front of her. Bai Yuze didn’t understand how to choose the right relationship, but as long as he was happy in front of him, what was wrong. Since you are destined to not have a hopeful ending, you can go further if you don’t pursue the so-called ending to have a beautiful process.

Life will face many choices, which will determine everyone’s future path. Whether to regret is never worth measuring, but whether you want it or not. Yan Ke once again solemnly hoped that Xiong Yifan would not leave without saying goodbye, but instead made the other side confused.

Xiong Yifan uses Xiaoxiong to say goodbye to Yan Ke, but she didn’t know that Xiaoxiong could not record too long words. Yan Ke, who only heard half of it, thought she wanted to give up this hard-won relationship, but Xiong Yifan just wanted to find life goals. This Oolong seems to have strengthened their feelings and understood each other’s minds better.

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