First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 21 Recap

Xiong Yifan had a javelin throwing dream. He dreamed that his family, friends and Yan Ke were cheering for her, but when she woke up, the ward brought her back to reality. Only Yan Ke, who was sleeping in front of her, gave her some warmth. Xiong Yifan has always been a strong girl and never wants to cause trouble to others and become a drag, insisting on letting Yan Ke go back.

In the absence of no one, the hospital inspection report came out, once again confirming that Xiong Yifan’s wrist can no longer throw a javelin, which means that her efforts over the years have all been in vain. The reality is cruel, no matter whether Xiong Yifan can accept it or not, he must face it, and leaving the club is irreversible.

At the same time, when Yan Ke returned home, he quarreled with his father again. At first, he insisted on pursuing his artistic dream. Now he finally had the opportunity to study abroad, how could his father let him give up easily. Yan Ke thought of giving up for Xiong Yifan, which hurt his father’s persistence.

Xiong Yifan, who could be discharged from the hospital, couldn’t help but come to Yan Ke’s home. It happened that Yan mother deliberately asked Yan Ke to avoid her father and son quarrel by buying things, causing Xiong Yifan to see the admission notice on the table. At this moment, Xiong Yifan understood the meaning of Yan Ke’s words that never separated. She seemed to have lost everything overnight.

In the middle of the night, Xiong Yifan was holding a javelin at school alone, but she could not throw it anymore. Seeing Yan Ke who was waiting for a long time in front of the dormitory, Xiong Yifan pretended to be joyful, but after all he smiled strongly. They arranged for a date the next day, feeding the pigeons together, shopping, eating delicious food, and doing things that all couples would do, although ordinary but very happy.

Xiong Yifan left what she wanted to say to Yan Ke in the little bear. When she saw the study materials, she had already made a decision. It was the same bus station. This time, Xiong Yifan didn’t get on the bus with Layanke. As the car slowly opened, they gradually couldn’t see each other.

After that, Xiong Yifan disappeared, and no one knew her whereabouts. Therefore, Ding Ming was able to see Bai Yuze’s feelings for Xiong Yifan and the man in front of him. Perhaps it was just an illusion. She couldn’t replace Xiong Yifan. The position in Bai Yuze’s heart.

The frustrated Yan Ke returned home and habitually picked up the little bear. Only then could Xiong Yifan leave his message. In addition to not wanting to drag Yan Ke, Xiong Yifan just wanted to be alone, looking for a goal in life other than throwing a javelin.

Yan Ke, who didn’t know how to face it, was determined to give up, but he gave up only this opportunity, not his dream of music. Yan Ke hopes to go abroad after graduation. Now he just wants to take good care of Xiong Yifan, and his sense of responsibility and responsibility finally let his father relax.

Xiong Yifan took leave to return to his hometown and returned to his warm home. After learning about her father’s persistence in the dessert shop and the story of knowing and loving her mother, her confusion disappeared. Xiong Yifan worked hard to learn English, trying to find out how he could live in the United States, who had no strength except for his strength.

Life will always be at a loss most of the time. It is commendable to be able to find goals in life and persist. Maybe Xiong Yifan has lost her favorite dream, but she can also use Yan Ke’s dream as her own dream and follow the other’s footsteps.

When Xiong Yifan worked hard to learn how to make desserts, he turned around and saw Yan Ke standing behind him. Feeling Yan Ke’s eager hug, she was a little surprised, but more of the joy and happiness brought by surprise.

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