First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 20 Recap

The relationship between Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan was announced by the government in a high-profile “announcement.” Many people were either envious or jealous, and some even suspected that Xiong Yifan gave Yan Ke a lower head. This unreasonable thing would happen.

Love always makes people happy and annoying. Two people will be reluctant to part with the difference at night, and they will interact sweetly in the library. At the same time, even if some Yingying and Yanyan around knew that Yan Ke already had a girlfriend, they still went forward and let Xiong Yifan’s jealousy overturned.

While Xiong Yifan was training, Yan Ke specially bought a lot of water and snacks for her teammates to thank them for taking care of Xiong Yifan. At the same time, to tell everyone that he worked hard to pursue Xiong Yifan and expressed his love and value for Xiong Yifan.

Taking advantage of the break time, Yan Ke played the recorded piano music, and Xiong Yifan quickly recognized that this was the first time he played. All Yan Ke’s actions today are deliberate. He doesn’t want to destroy the hard-won feelings between them because of other people’s gossip.

At the same time, Xiong Yifan’s senior sister coach Ming Xiyue came to Qi Xiaosong’s gym to apply for a coach, and the opponent’s capable temperament made him fall. But the first time we met, Qi Xiaosong had already begun to fantasize about Ming Xiyue’s dream of becoming a gym owner.

In the evening, Ding Ming saw a long-legged beauty looking for Bai Yuze, and couldn’t help hiding in the corner to listen in secret. Then she knew that she saw this woman staying in Bai Yuze’s studio that day, just because she was not awake due to a hangover. But Bai Yuze simply took care of her overnight, and nothing happened at all.

The next day, Ding Ming accepted Bai Yuze’s date invitation, and was always considered by others to be a couple, making Ding Ming shy all day. Bai Yuze carefully selected clothes and changed his hairstyle solemnly. It turned out to be to attend his father’s wedding, but the bride was a woman who looked not much older than him.

At the wedding, Ding Ming accidentally hit the waiter, causing the bride to spill the red wine in the hands of the other party. This is a specially custom-made wedding dress. The bride couldn’t push Dingming for a while, and Bai Yuze stepped forward to protect it without hesitation. Therefore, her father was slapped in public and left unhappy.

Bai Yuze seems to have long been used to getting along with his father abnormally, and he can tell from his words that his father’s love is missing in his heart. It’s just that Ding Ming knew how much Bai Yuze valued his father’s wedding, otherwise he would not be so careful.

Bai Yuze is very clear about Ding Ming’s intentions for him, but he does not think he is worthy of such a good girl. Because of his father’s influence, Bai Yuze didn’t know what love was, let alone how long love could last. Instead of hurting others and self, it was better to play the world. Ding Ming’s likes could be rejected, but he would never take the initiative to back down. At this moment, Ding Ming began to have a different feeling in Bai Yuze’s heart.

The javelin match is about to come, but Xiong Yifan failed to find out in time, causing irreversible damage to his wrist, and he could no longer throw the javelin. Such a blow was fatal to Xiong Yifan, and she was so negative that she didn’t even want to answer Yan Ke’s phone. As everyone knows, at this time Yan Ke has received a notice to go abroad for further studies, with a short responsibility for one year, and if it goes well, he can stay abroad forever.

Xiong Yifan loves this sport, but seems to have to give up, but at least she can seize the game in front of her. On the day of the game, Xiong Yifan asked for Ming Xiyue’s consent, once again grabbed the javelin, and threw his amazing results with all his strength. However, before everyone was happy for Xiong Yifan, she was seen lying on the ground unconscious.

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