Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 39 Recap

Yanzi disliked Uncle Hong for dragging his legs, He Xuelin moved with affection, and she knew reason to make Yanzi understand Uncle Hong. It was not easy for him to run around with them when he was so old. Yanzi was not an unreasonable person. She listened to He Xuelin. The words also deeply realized their mistakes. The two walked back to the car and waited for Uncle Hong. If he couldn’t wait for Uncle Hong, they would check the surveillance. It happened that He’s mother called to check the post. When He Xuelin and Yanzi were not sure what to do, Uncle Hong rushed back in time to let He Mother peace of mind.

After hanging up the phone, Yanzi apologized to Uncle Hong. Uncle Hong was surprised by Yanzi’s sudden politeness, and he chose to reconcile with Yanzi. This time, Uncle Hong was able to come back because of Chen Shengliang, who appeared in front of the three. Before he could say anything, Mr. Zhao called and threatened Chen Shengliang with their previous audio and video to change his job. Chen Shengliang himself is a person who does not eat hard and soft, and He Xuelin is not a weak person.

She took Chen Shengliang’s mobile phone and told Mr. Zhao With this thought of death, every transaction between Mr. Zhao and their company is tricky. If Mr. Zhao wants to threaten Chen Shengliang with audio and video, she also has bank accounts in her hands. Which is more important, she hopes Mr. Zhao will weigh it carefully.

Chen Shengliang took out the moon cakes made by Yuanyuan. After this period of time, he also wanted to understand that Yuanyuan had always belonged to the Ding family, and he understood that this was a relationship he couldn’t get in. He Xuelin talked to Chen Shengliang alone. She has forgiven Chen Shengliang’s departure that year. If possible, she, Ding Yu and Yuanyuan are willing to become good friends with Chen Shengliang. Chen Shengliang did not expect that He Xuelin would one day reject him so lightly. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart, but he could only confess to accepting He Xuelin’s rejection and accepting that He Xuelin had let go of her previous feelings.

Yanzi was afraid that Chen Shengliang and He Xuelin would rekindle their old relationship. She stepped forward to interrupt the conversation between the two and asked He Xuelin to make a choice. Today, she only took one person away from the taxi. He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang were very helpless about Yanzi’s naivety. In the end, He Xuelin chose to take a taxi to leave with Yanzi, while Chen Shengliang used a motorcycle to drive Hong Shu back home. In the car, Yanzi called Ding Yu and said she had avenged Ding Yu. Ding Yu had known that Chen Shengliang had been secretly helping them. Although he and Chen Shengliang were rivals in love, he had to admit that Chen Shengliang was a good man and a good doctor. , And the camera Yanzi received in elementary school was sent by Fang Jueto Chen Shengliang.

Xizi took Yuanyuan secretly into a refrigerated truck, but the air-conditioning in the refrigerated truck turned the two into purple. When the refrigerated truck stopped at the service station, Xizi knocked on the door quickly. The driver noticed the movement and quickly turned the two The child took it out and put a thick coat on the two. The driver called the police and wanted the police to take the two children back. But Xizi was afraid of being sent home by the police. Yuanyuan took Xizi’s hand, and the two sneaked away while the driver called. He Xuelin received After the news, it was still a step too late, and Yuanyuan and Xizi were missing again.

When Ding Yu received the news, he first instructed He Xuelin to stay at the next high-speed intersection. He couldn’t stay at home either, so he planned to go out and find Yuanyuan together. On the other side, He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang set off for the next highway intersection. They saw a billboard for Yuanyuan to go home on the road.

This billboard was a commercial advertising space, but it was used to find Yuanyuan. The advertising spot was voted by Chen Shengliang. He lamented Chen Shengliang’s heart and lungs for He Xuelin, and also mentioned Fang Jue’s heart and lungs for Yanzi. Only He Xuelin was affirmed. This billboard was made by Ding Yu, although she didn’t know. How did Ding Yu do it, but she just believes Ding Yu somehow. As everyone knows, the car Yuanyuan and Huanxi took is behind them. Yuanyuan and Xizi also saw the billboard on the highway. Yuanyuan missed her parents very much in her heart.

Ding Yu went to the highway intersection and sent a notice of missing persons. Only then did he learn from a driver that there were billboards of Yuanyuan along the highway. He was very surprised. He called the contact number on the billboard. The kind-hearted person who knew Yuanyuan cast the billboard was the man he met in the noodle restaurant that day. The man did not leave a message, only wishing Ding Yu find his daughter soon.

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