Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 38 Recap

Xiaofu’s father answered Xiaofu’s phone call, and he hurriedly called back, but no one answered him. The husband and wife called the police for fear of the child being abducted by traffickers, and Ansuo found Xiaofu’s parents. An Suo quickly informed Ding’s father who was going to the airport to meet Ding Yu. She brought Xiaofu’s parents to Ding’s house, but mother Ding was confused at the moment, she just mistaken Xiaofu for Yuanyuan, and Xiaofu cried in the room. She is not Yuanyuan, everyone is worried and anxious. Fortunately, Ding Yu and her party came back in time. Father Ding woke up Mother Ding in time. Mother Ding didn’t know that she had just misidentified the child. An Suo helped Ding mother back to the room. rest.

Although Xiaofu’s parents were found, Yuanyuan’s whereabouts are still missing. Xiaofu’s father apologized to Ding Yu. Ding Yu did not blame Qin’s father and Huanxi, but watched Xiaofu’s parents take Xiaofu away. Yuanyuan’s clues were interrupted again. He Xuelin didn’t inquire about anything at the high-speed station. She was very discouraged. Ding Yu told He Xuelin about finding Xiaofu’s parents, and also comforted He Xuelin on the phone, so that He Xuelin could regain her confidence.

Ding Yu posted a missing person notice in the restaurant. A man scanned the QR code on his business card. Some accidentally discovered that Ding Yu was also paying attention to left-behind children while looking for children. He followed Yanzi’s Weibo and promised to help They repost Weibo. After the man left, Fang Jue came to see Ding Yu. Only then did he learn of the misunderstanding between Yanzi and him, and he planned to call Yanzi immediately. Ding Yu asked about Fang Jue’s future plans. Fang Jue said that he had changed the ticket and planned to have a good chat with Yanzi before leaving. Ding Yu supported Fang Jue from the bottom of his heart.

When Mother Ding woke up, she learned that Xiaofu had left, and her heart was even more empty. When she thought of Yuanyuan, she couldn’t help crying. Ding Yu came to comfort Mother Ding. He told Mother Ding Yuanyuan’s latest news, so that Mother Ding could have hope. At this moment, there was a knock on the door outside. It turned out that Xiaofu had gone and returned. She decided to stay with Ding Mu until Yuanyuan came back.

In addition to Ding’s miss of Xiaofu, Xiaofu’s parents also have their own difficulties. They really can’t take Xiaofu with them. Now Xiaofu lives in Ding’s house. When Xizi and Yuanyuan come back, they are also earning some money to rent. A better single room with children. Father Ding was afraid that it would disturb Xiaofu’s reunion with his parents, but He’s mother thought this was the best solution. She responded to Ding’s family all at once. During this period, if Xiaofu’s parents are out of work, they can also come to Ding’s house. child.

At night, He Xuelin and Yanzi kept running to find Yuanyuan’s clues. Uncle Hong couldn’t live on the side of the road and squinted for a while. His snoring caught Yanzi’s attention. Yanzi recorded the snoring and planned to sue He’s mother. Hong The uncle also mentioned that Yanzi had been poking his phone to see Fang Jue’s news, and the two of them had a tumult.

Uncle Hong had a stomachache and went to the toilet. Yanzi took Uncle Hong’s bag with the missing person notice, and went to find Yuanyuan on the other side. When Uncle Hong came back, he didn’t see his bag or their car. Taxi, when I asked the person next to him, he learned that the car was on the highway. He mistakenly thought that he had been left behind, so he hurriedly left by bus. As everyone knows, the taxi still stayed in place, it was just blocked by the car next to it.

When Fang Jue returned home, he showed Yanzi’s Weibo to his parents to let them know Yanzi’s kindness. No matter whether Yuanyuan can find her in the future, he will never give up Yanzi, so he changed the ticket and wanted to ask Yanzi to give him another chance. On the other side, Yanzi came back with Uncle Hong’s bag. The two of them couldn’t wait for Uncle Hong. He’s mother kept calling Uncle Hong. He Xuelin was confused for the time being.

After Ding Yu called, he said that Xizi was most likely to be on the phone. The refrigerated trucks for fruit transportation, they will focus on this clue tomorrow. He Xuelin nodded and responded. She told Ding Yu about the loss of Uncle Hong. Ding Yu told them how to find Uncle Hong. She believed that Uncle Hong would not be lost if he was such a big person. He Xuelin responded. Uncle Hong got out of the car at an intersection. Penniless, he looked at the vast night at a loss.

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