Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 15 Recap

Zhang Yongyao came to find Yuzhan and asked her to go to Chongrenfang. He heard that there were not only the yaoqin made by everyone, but also the guqin handed down from the previous dynasty. Yuzhan went with him.

Zhang Yongyao can see that a piano is a famous Duyou, with a black and red face. The front is interwoven with plum satin and snake belly satin, and the back is cow hair satin. The word Duyou is engraved on the top of the dragon pond. The face of Duyou is made of paulownia, and the bottom is Zimu. The morning dew on the crown of the moon mountain is made of hardwood.

The sound of the piano is clearer and more melodious. The sound of Duyou is made by Wenzong for the queen. Wen Zong did fulfill his promise before he was alive. Yuzhan felt that this piano was very good, but he was not a destined person for it. It was better to leave it to someone with a heart, and then left.

Princess Shou’an also came to Chongrenfang, and saw her favorite Zhang Yongyao and Fu Yuzhan together. She felt a little disappointed. When Yuzhan left, Zhang Yongyao bought Duyouqin.

Jiang Shao commissioned Li Huaijin to go to the Ministry of War to help him adjust the pattern of the martial suit he had seen in the countryside of Zhaozhou 15 years ago. Yueying asked Huaijin when she found the figure of the martial suit. After clarifying the ins and outs of the matter, she hurriedly informed the princess.

Knowing that Jiang Shao was investigating the list of soldiers Zuo Wuwei went to Zhaozhou 15 years ago, guessing that Xue Rong found some clues before letting Jiang Shao look up. Maybe Jiang Shunying was seen when she fell into the water, so she let Yueying go secretly. Check it out, make a copy of the list of soldiers, and ask no one to let him find out what happened 15 years ago, and keep an eye on the people Huai Jin has seen recently.

Xue Rong received Yuzhan’s letter. In the letter, Yuzhan informed that King Wei intentionally matched Zhang Yongyao and Yuzhan to marry him in order to prevent the emperor from being together. Xue Rong was very unhappy.

Princess Shou’an wanted to ask the emperor to marry her and Zhang Yongyao, but she wanted to wait until he truly fell in love with him. Xue Rong came in a dilemma and planned to help her sister test whether Zhang Yongyao was interested in her.

Xue Rong ate the vinegar of Yuzhan and Zhang Yongyao, and then sent an oral order to let the criminal minister Zhang Yongyao lead people to send the orphans and beggars on the street into the solitary orphanage, and to personally make a name for them and ask for their origins and old sites so that they can find them. Family members, able-bodied people will teach them skills to help them earn a living, and those with disabilities will be properly placed and supported for survival.

Yuzhan came to Youhuang and heard that Xue Rong was playing the piano. There was a little anger in the sound of the piano. So he stepped forward and told him that although it was regrettable that he had not been able to dissolve the marriage contract, he was still very happy to see him. After all, he could be with Zhang Yongyao. It is clear that there are often opportunities, but the opportunities to meet Xue Rong are rare.

Jiang Shao looked at Li Huaijin’s list that only Sun Liang, He Cheng, and Wang Gongyang had clues. The others were dead, missing and missing. It was very strange. He planned to find these three first before making the next step. .

Yue Ying told the eldest princess that she followed Jiang Shao and found Jiang Shunying’s neighbor, and found that Jiang Shao was Jiang Shunying’s son. The eldest princess was shocked. After all, she watched Jiang Shunying take his son into the river with her own eyes. It is impossible to be alive now. Yue Ying suggested killing Jiang Shao immediately and burying the past, but the princess felt that she wanted to bring the child back to the palace because he was the only real bone and blood of the Xue family and the only inheritable Xue. The son of the destiny of Jiajiangshan seemed to be the Xue family, and she ordered Yueying to kill everyone on Huai Jin’s list.

Jiang Shao discovered that Sun Liang, He Cheng, and Ding Er’s family were all killed. He wanted to find out about Zuo Wuwei’s visit to Zhaozhou 15 years ago. It must be known to others. If the guess is true, then the other party. Who the hell is it? What are they hiding? At present, only Wang Gongyang is left alive or dead, so he must be found as soon as possible.

Jinzhan met Jiang Shao when he went out of the palace. Jiang Shao felt that their identities were very different, and they would go their separate ways in the future. Jinzhan was very sad.

The Wang Gongyang that Jiang Shao looked for turned out to be Feng Chi who had been working for the princess. His father died of illness and his mother was persecuted. He slayed the tycoons who had embezzled the family business in a rage. He should have been put to death. Fortunately, the princess was born. To save, he changed his name to Yi and survived, and stayed with the princess to repay his gratitude. The princess asked him to replace Jiang Shunying in the carriage.

The eldest princess came to Li Fang and told him that the emperor had had a relationship with a woman named Jiang Shunying in Zhaozhou. The woman gave birth to a son named Jiang Shao. The Xue family’s Jiangshan should be inherited by the Xue family, unless The Emperor Xian already knew about Jiang Shao’s existence.

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