Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 14 Recap

Xue Rong had a nightmare, dreaming that Yuzhan was strangled with a rope by the culprits. He was very scared. He woke up from the dream. At this time, Jinzhan hurriedly rushed to express that he and his sister had encountered the robbers. , I was very worried. At this time, Yuzhan appeared. Jinzhan was very sad when she saw her sister’s neck hurt. He said that they were in danger when they went out of the palace without permission, and they would never again. Yuzhan felt very distressed when she saw her sister’s appearance. , He hugged her.

Xue Yao asked Cao Han whether the Queen’s escape was made sure that no one knew it. Master Cao said that the Queen did not reveal her identity along the way.

Jiang Shao came to his mother’s grave and met Lin Bo, his mother’s former neighbor. Lin Bo told him that Ding had gone to the capital with his family two and a half years ago. Before leaving, he told him that someone forced Jiang Shao’s mother to dive. Surprised, it seems that the mother’s death is strange.

Xue Rong had nightmares one after another, causing a lot of headaches. He was worried about Yuzhan’s safety, so he went to watch outside Yuzhan’s room. He told Yuzhan that she had fallen into the well in the dream. Yuzhan made him feel relieved and went back to rest. .

Yuzhan tells her sister that she knows that Jinzhan is unhappy in the palace, but now the lives of the young and old in the Fu family are closely related to her. If she acts carelessly, the Fu family will be destroyed. Jinzhan feels that her sister is more than her. Suitable to be a queen, but it is already the case. Yuzhan only wants to see his sister happily and freely with the person she likes. Jinzhan said that Xue Rong will abolish the queen and marry Yuzhan to be the queen, but it is easier said than done. Involuntarily.

Xue Rong had a shadow on Yuzhan and lost his appetite. He also ordered all the wells in Fu Yuzhan’s residence to be buried. Seeing that he was in a daze, Yuzhan gave him some chicken soup to comfort him, and promised to stay with him. Let him rest, promise him that no matter what happens in the future, he will face it together.

Before, he considered his father’s mood, estimated the reputation of the Fu family, and wondered if he had a chance to see his heart clearly, but now he only hopes all this It was not too late, Xue Rong was very happy, and his mood suddenly improved a lot.

When Fu Yuzhan returned to Fu Mansion, Xue Rong wrote a letter to her, expressing his love for her, and Yuzhan also replied, very happy.

Song Shanggong told the emperor that Jinzhan was depressed, and the conversation was unreasonable. He was a little worried. Xue Rong asked Li Huaijin to send the imperial army to the bamboo forest in Youhuangli in the eastern suburbs to clear nearby people. I wanted to make her happy, but Jinzhan still didn’t show a smile. Xue Rong took the opportunity to meet Yuzhan. Yuzhan said that after experiencing all kinds of things with him, he finally wanted to understand that he wanted to be in the same boat with Xue Rong.

Jiang Shao came to Ding Er to inquire about the murder of his mother, and found that Ding Er had provided guarantee for someone but was collected by someone. Jiang Shao helped him. Ding Er thanked him for his life-saving grace. He told Jiang Shao that he remembered a pair of guards back then. A carriage drove Jiang Shao’s mother onto the cliff by the river. His mother didn’t know what to say to the people in the carriage, and a guard held a knife and forced his mother to carry a child who had been hit by an arrow.

After jumping into the river, the other party was very crowded. From a distance, the boy was very similar to Jiang Shao. Later, it was rumored that his mother died. Fortunately, Jiang Shao was sent to Dingzhou ahead of time and survived the disaster. The guards wore armors. There are round bronze mirrors on the front and back of the armor.

King Wei accused Yuzhan. She was sensible and obedient since she was a child. She didn’t expect that the first time she got into trouble was a catastrophe. She dared to change the queen privately, and even taught and accepted privately with the emperor. She wanted to discredit the Fu family. Yuzhan said that she was married to Jinzhan. The emperor was an accident. Jinzhan didn’t like staying in the palace, and the emperor didn’t like him, but her father still let her admit her fate.

The next day, Yuzhan asked about the whereabouts of Zhou Guanjia’s father. Zhou Guanjia said that Wang Wei had left the house early in the morning and asked him to tell Yuzhan to go to Deyuelou for dinner at noon. Yuzhan came as scheduled and found his father and Zhang Yongyao in the room. Said that he had booked a baby kiss for the two, and intended to match the two.

Jiang Shao came to ask Li Huaijin when there were soldiers in Lingyang wearing armors with bronze mirrors on the front and back. Huaijin said that they belonged to Zuo Wuwei soldiers’ clothing, but because the bronze mirrors were too heavy, they had changed to leather armor seven or eight years ago.

Zhang Yongyao came to Yuzhan and said that she loves the Qin the most on weekdays, and asked her to go to Chongren Fang to see one or two. There are yaoqins made by everyone and Guqin handed down from the past. It happened that Princess Shouan also came here. Chongrenfang, seeing the two together was a bit unpleasant.

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