Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 13 Recap

Jiang Shao was in a daze on the roof alone. Jinzhan guessed that he had no money to pay for the second room, so he came to the roof and watched the stars with him. It was so pleasant.

Xue Rong came to the forest with the calendula. He said that some people say that there are not only eyes but also ears to observe things. In fact, life is the same. One way is not possible, and there is always another way. Some ways are not hand-in-hand. When we walked to certain fork roads together, they would go farther and farther, and eventually become strangers. But Yuzhan felt that some roads were narrow and could only accommodate one person. Xue Rong said that those narrow roads, he would Cutting down trees and destroying walls, digging mountains and cracking rocks, and turning him into a road, I don’t understand what she should do to let Yuzhan see his painstaking efforts.

Marrying Jinzhan by mistake is not an irreversible fate, why Yuzhan dare not step forward, Yuzhan said that he was unwilling to get acquainted with the emperor in distress. He had promised the emperor that if there was no such wrong marriage, he would become a queen and grow old with the emperor he admired, until he woke up from a coma that day. The news of Xue Rong’s mistaken marriage of Jinzhan thought it would be painful, but there was nothing but sadness and loss, but he figured it out. Maybe this is the ray of light given to him by fate. I don’t want his only choice to be due to family affection.

I am bound tightly, I want to have the right to choose, I don’t know how much benefit is in the relationship of the emperor, I want a pure relationship, if I give up the opportunity to find love in this life, so I am not reconciled, Xue Rong hopes that Yuzhan can believe him, and the future for the two of them will be bright. At this time, Xue Rong took out a piece of jade pendant given by his mother and carried it with him since he was a child. His mother told him to give it to his favorite person. But Yuzhan refused, and Xue Rong threw it away angrily.

Yuzhan could only look for the jade pendant everywhere. Xue Rong hugged her tightly and asked her why she had picked up the jade pendant. At this time, Yuzhan realized that his eyes had recovered, and the two only hugged each other tightly.

Jinzhan and Jiang Shao were out late at night when they suddenly ran into soldiers patrolling the curfew. They found that Jiang Shao was holding a box in his hand, indicating that Chengdong Fanfu had been stolen a few days ago. What was lost was the Ye Mingzhu in the box. Jiang Shao took away, and the two came to the government office. Jiang Shao said that he did not know the origin of Ye Mingzhu, but was entrusted by others to bring the pearl here to make some money.

At this time, Cao Han appeared and found Jinzhan He asked Jinzhan if she still knew the identity of her queen, and don’t worry about the emperor. She left the nest privately. The storm is about to come in Beijing. If this matter is known to the hundreds of officials in the DPRK, the Fu family should be held accountable. The consequences were unimaginable. If the rumors that the queen eloped with the guards came out, Jiang Shao would not escape the guilt, Jinzhan thought for a moment, and then told Jiang Shao that he planned to return to Beijing.

Cao Han sent a letter to the emperor, saying that he had found Jinzhan. Yuzhan and Xue Rong planned to return to Beijing by carriage. They met a group of gangsters who were hijacked. Xue Rong said that Mrs. Jin was his aunt. As long as they helped deliver the letter, they would send someone to redeem it. After they said that the gangster agreed to write a letter, Xue Rong waited for the opportunity to flee to move the rescuer to save Yuzhan. When the Zhaozhou prefect came to rescue him, the gangster held Yuzhan and she was almost strangled to death.

Jiang Shao came to Mrs. Jin. Mrs. Jin found out that he was Shunying’s child and said that she was injured on horseback. Fortunately, Shunying helped to fix the bone. Jiang Shao took out the jade sculpture and asked if it came from the Jin family. Mrs. Jin found out that the jade sculpture was 20 years ago. Jiang Shao said that his mother had told him that the jade pendant was a gift from his father, but she did not know who his father was. Mrs. Jin looked at the jade pendant thoughtfully, but did not give an answer, but she knew that Jiang Shao was Xue Wei’s child.

The doctor helped Yuzhan for diagnosis and treatment, and found that she was just frightened, and her health was not serious. Drink some soothing decoction and rest for two days. Xue Rong took care of her carefully and told the Zhaozhou prefect that all the gangsters present today must He was punished in Zhaozhou prison.

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