Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 12 Recap

Xue Rong has always liked Yuzhan in his heart. He feels that whether it is like or disgusting, it should be born in the heart and manifested in appearance. It should not be as complicated as Yuzhan thought, but Yuzhan said he couldn’t do it now. Compared with the eternal darkness, the fleeting light is more unacceptable, and they dare not to be greedy for vain love. The two worshiped Mrs. Jin and agreed to meet again next year. They asked Yuzhan to feel love and hate, so that it is worthwhile. Take a walk in the next world.

Jinzhan and Jiang Shao rushed to Zhaozhou. When Jinzhan saw that many people were buying red cloth strips, they curiously approached and asked. They learned that there is a sacred tree in Zhaozhou. You only need to write your wishes on a piece of paper. In the tree, the higher the loss, the faster the wish will be fulfilled, but the sacred tree only accepts the wish once a year. That is the day after tomorrow. Jinzhan felt so magical, so he bought the red cloth strip.

Yuzhan and Xue Rong hurried to a temple and stopped to rest. The two came to the temple. Master met them. He said that the temple was a statue of Yuelao God and he could ask for marriage. Xue Rong planned to draw lots and wrote ” Lord Lord remembered what happened in the past, but your intentions are not as good as mine.” It is a dive together, and each has his own thoughts in the past. He has different intentions at the end of the year. It means that if the two people come to seek marriage, I am afraid that it will be unsatisfactory. Yuzhan told Xue Rong , The two have left Zhaozhou, and they don’t have to pretend to be husband and wife anymore, they can be siblings.

At this time, they met the fake “Old Lady Jin”. She said that she would no longer think about killing Xue Rong, but just wanted to know where Liu Chengfu’s body was. She planned to go to the tomb. Xue Rong saw that she had no hands bound. The power of the chicken told him that the body was buried in the bamboo forest outside Jincheng. If you want to sweep the grave for him, you can go there. Then she put a knife on her neck to indicate that Ah Yi is dead, and Liu Chengfu also went into the soil for peace. , I can finally go with them. Yuzhan wanted to step forward to comfort her, but she suddenly stabbed Yuzhan with a knife. Xue Rong stepped forward to stop him when she saw it, but she hurt her eyes with poison powder.

Xue Rong looked at the doctor. The doctor said that the residual toxicity of the poison powder might not be cleaned up. He could only apply the ointment first and wrap it with a black cloth for a few days. If these eyes were not blind, it would be thank God.

Jinzhan and Jiang Shao came to the sacred tree to make a wish and threw it to the top of the tree. Jinzhan’s wish was that Jiang Shao could find his father. At this time, it rained suddenly, and they had to find a place to shelter from the rain.

Yuzhan planned to take down the second floor of the inn with a pair of silver pieces to avoid disturbing Xue Rong’s rest, but let a group of thieves watch. Coincidentally, Jinzhan and Jiang Shao also lived in this inn. Jinzhan found her sister and worried about her. If I let myself go home, I couldn’t accompany Jiang Shao to Zhaozhou to find his father, so I left the inn with Jiang Shao.

Xue Rong knew that Yuzhan was worried about her sister, so she asked her to leave first to find Jinzhan, but Yuzhan couldn’t let Xue Rong go and planned to take care of him first. Xue Rong slowly recovered his eyesight, but still pretended not to see. The doctor came to treat Xue Rong and felt that his eyes were recovering, and he began to detoxify outwards. He asked him to continue to apply medicine and add decoction to see things in a few days.

Jiang Shao told Jinzhan that he had lost his parents since he was a child and lived a life of home, and Jinzhan is willing to leave the country for him to go to the world together. It is really a blessing from her previous life. Jinzhan promised to accompany him no matter how good or bad. The two of them ate and slept in the wild, not to mention how free and happy they were. Jiang Shao said that they would not treat Jinzhan badly. They came to an inn and planned to settle down, but Jiang Shao’s money If it is not enough to pay for two rooms, he said that only one is enough.

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