Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 11 Recap

The emperor told Yuzhan that this trip has been confessed, and no one dared to mention half a word about what should not be seen or heard. Yuzhan said that she promised the emperor to go to Zhaozhou together as an expedient measure, and his father had sent People go looking for Jinzhan, and when they find Jinzhan, they will switch back to Jinzhan.

The emperor feels that Jinzhan and Jiang Shao are in his eyes as simple and childish as children, so no matter how they make trouble, they always I only think that such an innocent and innocent heart is very difficult and beautiful. Yuzhan told him that when he slowly sees the methods of Jinzhan, he will know that such a beautiful and also cause headaches. The emperor felt that this time Take her back to the palace again, and can’t indulge her as usual, otherwise she really doesn’t know how much trouble it will cause.

Yuzhan said that the Fu family had no children. Even though there was a prince, it was a pity for his father. Therefore, she and Jin Zhan had to work hard to prove that the two daughters of King Wei Wang, You Sheng Naner, Jinzhan ate to learn martial arts. A lot of suffering, but others don’t know it. Since I can remember, the Fu family has grown stronger under the control of his father, and has gradually received the favor of the emperor. Who didn’t want to fly Huang Tengda to replace the Fu Family. Therefore, the Fu Family felt like walking into the abyss and walking on thin ice.

Before Xue Rong ascended the throne, Yuzhan made up his mind to help him with the power of the Fu Family, so that the Fu Family would no longer be on the cusp of the power struggle in the capital. However, even if the Fu family’s daughter married as a queen, it was difficult to guarantee that the storm would stop suddenly. That’s why Yuzhan had to grow old and share the burden for her father. Xue Rong felt distressed when she saw such a burden on her.

Jinzhan came to the gambling shop and saw Jiang Shao who was gambling. He mortgaged the house when he lost and owed a debt. Jinzhan wanted to pay the debt for him, but she didn’t have enough money, so she decided to help him win the money back. , But Jiang Shaoshi knows that the people in this gambling house are out of thousands, but he keeps on repeatedly, in fact, in order to rendezvous with Zhu Xiaobei.

He does not want to involve Jinzhan also, so he has to mess up the game and deliberately let the gambling house people Caught him, and Zhu Xiaobei rushed to tell him shortly afterwards that he had helped him find the news of his father, which was related to the Zhaozhou Jin family. After saying that, the two rushed to find Jinzhan.

Xue Rong and Yuzhan came to visit the Golden Mansion and found that the mansion was a little strange. The floor was covered with scattered clothes. It was very messy. There was blood on the bamboo poles. The boy Ayi’s speech and behavior were a bit strange. They had seen Mrs. Jin, She didn’t feel like a kind person either.

The two of them suspected that someone had set them a trap, but the other party hadn’t done anything for a long time. It should be because they were worried that the guards of the capital were ambushing all around. They couldn’t hit them and they would fall short, but It should soon be discovered that the two of them are just bluffing, so there is not much time left for them.

Yuzhan pretended to faint and hijacked “Lao Jin”. Xue Rong asked who they were. “Lao Jin” said that he was here to kill Xue Rong. They were from Jincheng and seemed to have met the former king Liu Chengfu. The real old lady Jin was kidnapped by them, Yuzhan exchanged the real lady for the fake wife’s life, and Xue Rong escaped from the secret room.

Mrs. Jin said that the secret room was set up by a skilled craftsman surnamed Lu in case of emergency, but it was unexpectedly used now. The gang killed the servants of the Jin family and kidnapped the servant Huizhu’s family. Mrs. Jin wanted to rescue them together, but Yuzhan suggested that the government should be notified first, and the government’s efforts should be encircled and suppressed. Xue Rong intends to delay the time alone to lead them away, so that he would not love fighting, so as to save time for Huizhu’s family .

The plotting of the fake “Mrs. Golden” turned out to be carried out secretly by the eldest princess ordered Yueying, but fortunately, officials from the government arrived in time to arrest the remnants of Jincheng.

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