Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 8 Plot

Facing the secrets of Lu Xiaoxue, Team Zheng asked Wang Xinjian to keep an eye on Lu Primary School. See if you can find any clues. In Qindu Tracking Road Primary School. Wang Xinjian was seen by Tang Xiaoran passing by. Wang Xingjian had to ask Zhang Zhuoying to follow Lu Xiaoxue, and she went to talk to Tang Xiaoran and Tan Tang Xiaoran said that Lu Xiaoxue was fine three months ago, but her results plummeted afterwards.

I feel that his mind is no longer studying, because he is worried about Tang Xiaoran’s safety, Wang Xingjian tells him to pretend not to know him when he sees him in school in the future, and Tang Xiaoran also tells Wang Xingjian to pay attention to safety and face Tang Xiaoran’s sudden concern. Wang Xingjian was very happy, feeling a little buoyant in his heart, but Zhang Zhuoying was very uncomfortable with him.

In the classroom where he was in class, Wang Xingjian wanted to approach Lu Xiaoxue and wanted to sit with him, but was told not to approach her anymore. Later, he would treat him as if he did not know him. Wang Xinjian had to pretend to be very depressed. After class, Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoying found that Lu Xiaoxue had reached a corner after the class, calling an unknown person and crying.

I didn’t know what was said over there, so she told Wang Xinjian that she would treat him like someone she didn’t know when she met, but Lu Xiaoxue called Wang Xinjian and said to express his gratitude when he sent her home last time. Invite him to the salsa bar tonight. There will be surprises for her to face Lu Xiaoxue, turning her face faster than turning a book, Wang Xingjian agreed, they want to know what Lu Xiaoxue is playing.

In the evening, Lu Xiaoxue took Wang Xingjian to the bar and met a former singer named Lu Hongyi. Brother Yi showed enthusiasm for Wang Xingjian and came to the box they had booked. He said that he must be high enough tonight. Wang Xinjian said that he liked Brother Yi’s song very much when he was a child. They played around to their heart’s content, drinking glass after glass. Xiaoxue had an excuse to go to the toilet midway, and then sent a message to Wang Xinjian telling him that she would find an excuse to leave as soon as she came back from the toilet, otherwise she would regret it for a lifetime.

Faced with Brother Yi’s question, Wang Xingjian excused that he was a girl he had recently met. When Lu Xiaoxue came back, she hinted that Wang Xingjian was leaving, but Wang Xinjuan pretended not to understand. Continue drinking with Brother Yi. This is a cigarette that Xiaoxue took out and said it was specially made for Wang Xingjian. After seeing it for an hour, Wang Xingjian broke out and said it was methamphetamine. Then he showed a look like an old river and lake, he didn’t care about it, and he saw me and asked Wang Xinjian not to worry, he had something better. When he pulled it out, the good thing he said was really C2.

Brother Yi introduced c2 to Wang Xingjian, hoping that he could try it. If Wang Xingjian didn’t smoke now, he would definitely be suspected by Brother Yi. When the scene was once critical, Team Zheng asked Wang Xingjian to act with them. Come to a temporary inspection so that Brother Yi did not let the police detect drugs without doubting Wang Xinjian. With the cooperation of both parties, Wang Xinjian did not take drugs c2 without causing Yige’s suspicion, and he also discussed with Yige, he wanted to buy more c2 and sell it to more people.

After catching the hook of Lu Hongyi, Wang Xinjian came to Xiaoxue’s place and informed Xiaoxue of his identity as a policeman. After arriving in the bureau, Xiaoxue confessed to the Zheng team and the others. It turned out that when Xiaoxue worked at Yige’s bar six months ago, Yige gave him a lot of salary and spoke highly of him, and also gave Lu Xiaoxue many gifts. Lu Xiaoxue gradually believed in Brother Yi, who took advantage of Lu Xiaoxue’s desire to become a singer, step by step to lure him into a drug addiction.

Let him do things for him to lure more people to take drugs, and Zeng Yi was taken to the bar by Lu Xiaoxue to become addicted to drugs. Previously, Fu Xiaoxue would call Wang Xinjian, because she did not complete the target this time, and Brother Yi threatened that he would not be able to post photos of him taking drugs. Xiaoxue would call Wang Xinjian this time.

Zeng Yi liked Lu Xiaoxue very much, when he was pursuing Lu Xiaoxue. Take care of her in every possible way. After meeting Lu Xiaoxue taking drugs, Zeng Yi also took drugs in order to get Lu Xiaoxue to agree to her detoxification. Faced with Zeng Yi’s emotional road, Lu Xiaoxue was already heartbroken, and in order to express his love for Lu Xiaoxue, Zeng Yi also tattooed her. , However, all this was broken after the drug addiction broke out. After Zeng Yi’s drug addiction became more and more serious, there was no money left. Lu Xiaoxue had to introduce Zeng Yi to Brother Yi to lure more people to take drugs. .

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