Together 在一起 Episode 15 Recap

Song Xiaoqiang is from Dalian. During the epidemic, he took the high-speed train to Changsha. He strayed in to buy a box of lunch to facilitate the return of Wuhan personnel to the Han compartment. When Wuhan was about to arrive, Song Xiaoqiang saw that the family of three in the neighbourhood put on protective clothing, and someone sent a registration form to return to Han and didn’t feel anything wrong. The Wuhan station was shrouded in haze, and there was a smell of disinfectant everywhere.

As soon as the passengers got out of the car, Song Xiaoqiang was also forcibly asked to get out of the car, because he stayed in this car for an hour and must be here in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements. Get off at the station. Song Xiaoqiang was dumbfounded. He wanted to return to his own car and was stopped again. Now that an epidemic has broken out in Wuhan, he must get out of the car. This is also responsible for others.

Song Xiaoqiang got out of the car in Wuhan with a confused mood. Wuhan was closed. He couldn’t buy any tickets to leave, and the hotel did not accept guests. Song Xiaoqiang decided to find a place with food and accommodation first, and waited for the epidemic. End. Song Xiaoqiang found Wuhan Jiangtian Hospital to apply, and the other party directly sent a car to pick him up. Song Xiaoqiang came too suddenly and was arranged to live in a warehouse all night. The next day, Song Xiaoqiang was taken to the hospital with confusion and got a cleaning pass.

With a salary of 500 a day, Song Xiaoqiang was assigned to the critically ill area on the 9th floor, where almost all patients were lying down. The doctor took him to disinfect and collect supplies from the passage on the third floor. When he was wearing protective clothing according to the procedure, he accidentally bumped into doctor Li Tianran, and accidentally damaged the protective clothing in his hands. The protective clothing was in short supply, and everyone was reluctant to change it for more than ten hours. Song Xiaoqiang did nothing but discarded one. Li Tianran was a little angry. Song Xiaoqiang quickly apologized. Li Tianran helped him put on protective clothing and told him that he must be protected.

After learning that he was from Dalian, he simply wrote the word Dalian on the protective clothing. Li Tianran took Song Xiaoqiang up to the ninth floor. Song Xiaoqiang was always cautious, looking at the critically ill area sign posted on the ninth floor, and his heart was even more up and down. Li Tianran asked Wu Nan and Song Xiaoqiang to connect the process. His daily workload was heavy and cumbersome. While mopping the floor, Song Xiaoqiang accidentally fell and squatted. Li Tianran quickly helped him up and asked him to wring the mop dry.

Song Xiaoqiang was so anxious to go to the toilet and was stopped by the male doctor Qu Feng. Dragging his protective clothing here was equivalent to running naked, not to mention the shortage of protective clothing, how could he consume it so much. Song Xiaoqiang was full of fear. He was cautiously pressing against the wall when he was packing a box of lunch for the patient. He didn’t know if the protective clothing was useful, and he was looking forward to growing wings to escape from birth. Song Xiaoqiang was vomited blood by the patient, and immediately ignored the others and ran away.

Li Tianran hurriedly followed and asked him to take off his protective clothing according to the procedure. After leaving the hospital, he finally took a breath. Song Xiaoqiang saw another patient wrapped in a body bag and taken away. A little girl chased behind and cried to her mother. Song Xiaoqiang almost rushed back to the dormitory, picked up everything and ran away, regardless of whether he could get out of the city or not, he ran aimlessly in Wuhan on a shared bicycle.

Qu Feng suddenly fainted, and everyone hurriedly carried him to the hospital bed. Song Xiaoqiang met a courier team delivering supplies to Wuhan on the road, so he wanted to help. When the other party heard that he had just come out from Jiangtian Hospital, he drove him away. Now all the couriers have to be trained and no temporary workers are accepted at all. The only temporary workers are hospitals. Wuhan in the epidemic is empty, and only vehicles that can go in and out are vehicles that transport materials, so Song Xiaoqiang chose a vegetable-carrying vehicle to help his brothers from Shandong deliver materials. Song Xiaoqiang accidentally fell asleep in the carriage.

After being found by the police, he was sent to the isolation point. Song Xiaoqiang quickly explained that he belonged to Jiangtian Hospital. He also took out his work permit and pass, saying that a patient wanted to eat hot dried noodles. He came to buy it, but when he saw the convoy unloading things, he helped, and fell asleep accidentally. Comrade policeman’s wife is from Jiangtian Hospital.

Hearing that he wanted to eat hot and dry noodles, she took him home and asked his mother to make them. The police did not dare to go home. After driving to the community, they met his mother and two sons through the door, and comforted the crying son that he and his mother had gone to fight monsters. The police returned to the car with two bowls of hot and dry noodles. Song Xiaoqiang was in a mixed mood. The police comforted him that he was a man who stayed. Everyone was afraid of the virus, but no matter how afraid he was, he had to face it.

Hearing that the police had other things, Song Xiaoqiang asked him to put himself at the intersection and follow the navigation to walk back to Jiangtian Hospital. On the road, seeing a man playing guitar and singing Wuhan on the balcony, Song Xiaoqiang’s heart became more complicated. Song Xiaoqiang decided to face the virus. The courage to face the virus was brought to him by others. He who wanted to escape Wuhan was deeply shocked by the scenes before him. Stepping into the hospital’s door again, Song Xiaoqiang decided to face the virus directly, no matter what he did. When I went back, I met Li Tianran and Wu Nan. They seemed very happy because some of the patients were cured and discharged.

Song Xiaoqiang was very curious about what Li Tianran looked like. Li Tianran smiled and said that when the epidemic is over. Qu Feng suddenly became critically ill, and Li Tianran and others struggled to rescue him but failed to get it back. Qu Feng left, the medical staff and Song Xiaoqiang bowed deeply at him, turned their heads, and everyone was crying in a mess.

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