Together 在一起 Episode 14 Recap

Hu Qingsheng saw that the patients in the cabin had nothing to do. Some people gathered together to play cards, some chatted together and picked up a loud speaker to tell everyone that the party and the state had already completed a series of necessary things such as the Internet in one day. The next step is to meet everyone’s spiritual needs and build party branches, league branches and clubs.

The medical staff were already very busy, but Hu Qingsheng felt that only by doing so could everyone become active, so Lu Jie and Cai Yuxuan were responsible for taking everyone to do morning exercises tomorrow.

In the morning of the next day, Lu Jie and Cai Yuxuan used horns to wake everyone up and do morning exercises. The atmosphere in the cabin gradually became active. Everyone had activities, exercises and reading together. Hu Qingsheng also took Yan Zhiyuan to a book club. Minister. Cai Yuxuan was studying with everyone, Duoduo’s mouth was very sweet, which made Cai Yuxuan happy.

Uncle Li stayed alone all day. When Hu Qingsheng saw this, he took out his cell phone and showed him his son’s video. He was taken to Jianghan Hospital, where the situation has improved. Uncle Li asked Hu Qingsheng to take a picture of his son for him a week. Although Hu Qingsheng was a little embarrassed, he still agreed, but the request was to let Uncle Li eat and sleep well. When the female nurses returned to the hotel, they received a rose.

It turned out that these were Valentine’s Day gifts prepared by Hu Qingsheng. They also set up a shared supermarket in the lobby. From today onwards, Hu Qingsheng is everyone’s number one service. Students, everyone asked for Sichuan snacks. Hu Qingsheng agreed. He turned around and called to embarrass Dean Zheng. Dean Zheng still agreed. After all, this mood shows that the situation is improving.

Lu Jie was in physical pain but insisted on going to the cabin. After all, Uncle Li only recognized her. If she didn’t go to Uncle Li, she would not have a good meal. Cai Yuxuan promised to help her take care of Uncle Li.

Hu Qingsheng treated these people as pain for his own children. Lu Jie’s mother accidentally broke her leg before coming, because she was afraid of Lu Jie and went to another hospital for surgery. Uncle Li’s son passed away this morning. Hu Qingsheng called Cai Yuxuan. The two were worried that Uncle Li would be anxious when he heard the news. Sister Ma told Hu Qingsheng that her husband was also in Jianghan Hospital, and he was very similar to Uncle Li’s son.

Take a video for the birthday celebration to let Uncle Li rest assured. So Hu Qingsheng came back with the video, but Uncle Li lost his temper after seeing the video. Lu Jie hurried to comfort Uncle Li, but he fainted because he couldn’t support it. He was framed by two nurses. Going out. Cai Yuxuan didn’t understand why Uncle Li lost his temper, but just stood in front of his bed and muttered to herself for a while.

The next day, Uncle Li got up for the first time doing morning exercises with everyone. When Lu Jie and Cai Yuxuan saw this, they wondered if they were not awake. The day after tomorrow, Yan Zhiyuan and Duo Duo will be discharged from the hospital. Today is Duo Duo’s birthday. Cai Yuxuan and Lu Jie want to help him have an unforgettable birthday. Duoduo’s mother was diagnosed and has not been discharged yet, but Duoduo will be discharged the day after tomorrow, so her mother can’t worry about him.

Yan Zhiyuan told Duoduo’s mother that he could take care of Duoduo, and they would be together at the next isolation point. . During this time, Yan Zhiyuan had been helping Duoduo to make up lessons, and Duoduo liked him very much. At this time, Cai Yuxuan, Lu Jie, Hu Qingsheng and others pushed a birthday cake made of peach pastry to celebrate Duo Duo’s birthday. Duo Duo had an unforgettable birthday with everyone.

Lu Jie and Hu Qingsheng prepared a new schoolbag for Duo Duo to take him out of the cabin, and carefully sterilized the Rubik’s Cube left by Duo Duo’s father. Cai Yuxuan also specially applied to send Yan Zhiyuan out of the cabin. Duoduo said that when he grows up, he also wants to be a doctor and become a hero like them. Before leaving, Yan Zhiyuan said that he wanted to see Cai Yuxuan taking off her mask. Cai Yuxuan smiled and said, waiting for victory.

On March 10, the cabin was closed. Sister Ma was ready to leave happily. Uncle Li took Hu Qingsheng and asked if his son had anything for him. It turned out that Uncle Li had long known that they had changed people to shoot the video, but when he learned that Lu Jie was ill and came out to take care of him, he felt that his son was just like this when he was there, so he reconciled with the medical staff. They have medical staff. Now, no matter how hard it is, it will pass. Everyone left a group photo in front of the cabin, shouting loudly that Wuhan will win and China will win!

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