Together 在一起 Episode 13 Recap

At the beginning of February 2020, Wuhan was enveloped by the new crown epidemic. Chengdu West China Hospital will send a team of 72 people to support Wuhan. Dean Hu Qingsheng was the first to stand up to sign up and ask Ying to lead the expedition, and then medical staff signed up to participate. Hu Qingsheng led the team to Wuhan. From today on, they are not only colleagues, but also comrades-in-arms. The shelter received patients with mild illnesses.

Before opening the cabin, Hu Qingsheng had a headache for the division of wards, so he had to agree to build three areas first so that those patients could enter the cabin as soon as possible. The little boy Duoduo followed the community volunteers and left the community to enter the cabin. Duoduo’s mother reluctantly said goodbye to him on the balcony. However, many people are unwilling to go to the square cabin, which makes the work of the staff a lot more difficult.

In the cabin, Hu Qingsheng summoned the local medical staff and asked them to register here to receive a set of protective clothing and supplies. Although their supplies were running out, Hu Qingsheng felt that he had to take care of his immediate affairs first. The first batch of transferred ambulances were already in place at the departure point, and Hu Qingsheng quickly asked everyone to put on protective clothing and prepare to open the cabin.

There were not enough ambulances. Director Zhang contacted the ambulance to be transferred. Hu Qingsheng asked him to also put on his protective clothing and open the cabin on time at ten. It was raining heavily, and Hu Qingsheng and the first batch of medical staff who entered the cabin cheered on. Nurse Cai Yuxuan said that he wanted Happy Water for Fat House. Hu Qingsheng didn’t hear clearly, so he asked Wang Tao to buy it.

A bus full of patients came. Because it was raining and raining would aggravate the illness, Director Zhang urgently coordinated the engineering department to build a shed. As a result, someone fainted just after getting off the bus. The patient entered the cabin under the leadership of the nurse. Hu Qingsheng didn’t know what the fat house happy water that Cai Yuxuan said was. Duoduo passed by and told him it was Coke.

Duoduo is very sensible. His father passed away a few days ago and his mother is in isolation, so he has to take care of himself. Hu Qingsheng arranged Duoduo to let Wang Tao buy Coke, but after a long time he did not see a store opening. Hu Qingsheng called Dean Zheng and said that the supplies were not enough, and asked him to transport the supplies to Wuhan within two days. Dean Zheng was also helpless. Hu Qingsheng did not forget to ask him to transport the Coke together. Duoduo couldn’t sleep, and Cai Yuxuan was watching him and coaxing him to sleep.

It was very cold in the shelter. The skylights were open and the air conditioner was not turned on because of the need for ventilation. In an emergency, the patients came to the nurse to respond to various situations. Hu Qingsheng quickly took a big speaker to tell everyone that they left the house business. Those who came to help them hope that everyone will calm down and avoid excessive behavior, which means that these problems will be resolved early in the morning.

It took Wang Tao a long time to buy a Coke. Hu Qingsheng asked the nurse to clean the toilet and called the cleaning staff. The first batch of medical staff came out of the cabin. As soon as Cai Yuxuan came out, she collapsed and squatted on the ground crying. Lu Jie and Hu Qingsheng hurriedly comforted her. Hu Qingsheng still mysteriously took out the coke, Cai Yuxuan and Lu Jie held two Large bottles of Coke were poured tons and tons into the mouth. After cleaning, Auntie Wang habitually took off the goggles, and Cai Yuxuan hurriedly took her to disinfect.

Grandpa Li refused to take medicine or eat. Cai Yuxuan was almost anxious with him because he could not find the son who came with him. Hu Qingsheng told him that his son had some problems when he came and had been sent to the hospital, but what happened? They also don’t know, they have asked their colleagues to find them, to comfort Uncle Li, what he has to do now is to take good care of himself, and then reunite with his son. After that, Hu Qingsheng comforted Cai Yuxuan to coax the old man Li Dagen, Li’s son, was not doing well. Cai Yuxuan obediently went to Li Dagen with a diaper, but Li lost his temper again.

The video of Duoduo and his mother, because she couldn’t do homework, her mother was so anxious to cry, his father has already left, and only their mother and son will depend on each other in the future. Rumors arose in the cabin, and the elderly gathered together and said something to worship gods. Hu Qingsheng frowned upon seeing this.

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