The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Introduction

The novel is a relatively rare martial arts story that uses female vision as the starting point. It tells the story of a new quirky girl named Zhan Qinghong and the unruly and unruly sick son, Lin Fang , who actually harbors family hatred and has a deep strategy. As well as the military love story between the aristocratic family and Wen You who yearn for the arena, the plot is counter-routine, and the CP reversal.

Everyone tells him that Lin Fang is the most gentle and elegant man in Jun’an City. The fame of the sick and weak boy is also popular, and he has become the dream lover of many boudoir girls. However, what is the real situation? In fact, only Lin Fang knows that he is carrying a sea of ​​blood and hatred, and every step he takes is for revenge. All harmless humans and animals are deliberately disguised. The real him is cold and cruel, and he does not hesitate for a goal. Torture yourself to scars, let alone those who don’t matter. But it’s just such a person who lives only for revenge when he meets an existence that caught him off guard—Zhan Qinghong, a purely kind and heroic quackery woman, can see through his disguise at a glance, and read him every time He was forced to be cruel and fragile, and willing to stretch out his hand to save him from the quagmire of revenge, his eyes revealed a deep pity…

Categories: Chinese Plot

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