The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Introduction

What is the finale of Ruyi Fangfei? Are King Su Xu Jin and Fu Rong together?

Xu Jin was also a Su-king, with a literary and military strategy, courage and strategy, but he was alienated by others because of his ominous fate. It wasn’t until he met Fu Rong that he slowly opened his heart, and the sweet love story between the two began. The final outcome was more satisfactory. Fu Rong and Xu Jin uphold their original intentions and see through King An’s conspiracy, and King Su also succeeded in ascending the throne.

“Ruyi Fangfei” is produced by iQiyi and Siba Film and Television, supervised by Lin Guohua, directed by Lin Jianlong and Chen Guohua, starring Ju Jingyi, Zhang Zhehan, and Liu Yichang. Special starring Wang Youshuo, Xu Jiaqi, Jiang Shan, Wang Yiting, A light and sweet drama starring Yang Gen and Song Xinran.

The play is adapted from the novel “The Road to Beloved” by Jinjiang Female Laughing Beauty. It tells the story of Fu Rongyin’s dream of foreseeing life, determined to become self-reliant and control his own destiny, and meet Su Wang Xu Jin after a series of life changes. Shou’s story.

Fu Rong (played by Ju Jingyi), the daughter of Dayu Guoheng Jingyi, is strong, intelligent, agile and lively. She was injured in an accident and saw a different life in her dream. She thought it was absurd, but she had one event in her dream. After the case came true, he determined to change his fate to protect his family. Fu Rong also dreamed of being buried under the decree of Su Wang Xu Jin (played by Zhang Zhehan) and determined to stay away from Su Wang, but the red line of fate brought them closer and closer. With the emergence of the mysterious organization Ruyilou, a series of incidents cast a layer of fog on Dayu State. Faced with this situation, Fu Rong and Xu Jin joined hands to experience life and death, and face all the hardships in reality. At the same time, Wang An is also secretly setting up a bigger conspiracy. In the face of a hard-to-change fate and subsequent tricks, can Fu Rong and Xu Jin stick to their original intentions, solve the puzzle, and finally change their fate.

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