Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 20 Recap

Mei Weiwei couldn’t let go of Mai Sichong for a long time, and didn’t want to eat. On the other side, Ding Yi and Xia Rui also talked about Mai Sichong, and good brother Ding Yi was also concerned about the drug test incident, but Xia Rui looked at Ding Yi’s doubts in front of him, and he wanted to say nothing.

Under the pressure of various pressures, Maxichong did not tell the truth for a long time. Instead, he turned to find Mei Weiwei. Knowing that Mei Weiwei was also nervous about this matter, Maxicong comforted Mei Weiwei heartily and promised it. Everything will be resolved.

The next day, Mei Weiwei received a call from Mai’s mother and hurried off after explaining Yuxin and Parkway. Seeing Mei Weiwei who was hurrying in front of her, the two were at a loss.

Mai Mu came to Mei Weiwei to persuade Mai Sichong to do a drug test. From Mai Mu’s mouth, she knew that Mai Sichong had deceived herself at the same time. It turned out that Mai Sichong did not go to the drug test at all. Mei Weiwei was anxious about Si Chong’s suspicious actions in the hospital a few days ago.

As soon as Mei Mu left, she quickly called Mai Si Chong, but did not reply one by one, but Ding Yi said that Mai Si Chong went to find him in the morning. Pengpai. At this time, the anxious Mei Weiwei also found Peng Pai. From Peng Pai’s mouth, he learned that Mai Sichong sought out Peng Pai to find the mysterious person who owned the video.

Peng Pai asked about his choice. Speaking of preferring to give up her swimming career, but also to protect Mei Weiwei’s life. Looking at the firm and decisive Mai Sichong in front of him, Peng Pai is ready to reach out and help find the mysterious person behind this strange number. Mei Weiwei, who heard everything in her ears, was so surprised that she didn’t know what to say for a while, and could only say goodbye to Peng Pai.

In the office, Mai Sichong and coach Peipi, the head teacher Mei Ling rushed in angrily to question Mai Sichong, and coach Pei Pei stepped up to vouch for Mai Sichong, and when Mei Ling repeatedly pressed Mai Sichong, Mei Weiwei Breathlessly rushed in and assured the teacher that he could find evidence to help Max Chong clarify.

But when Mai Sichong caught up with Mei Weiwei, Mei Weiwei couldn’t help being angry at Mai Sichong’s concealment. Max explained to herself, and also apologized for his concealment. The two were prepared to stay here for a short time. To find out the last mysterious man within

Mai Sichong and Mei Weiwei walked on the small road that had encountered the pervert security guard, and questioned whether it would be the security’s revenge, but the person in the security room said that the pervert had not been released from prison, but there was indeed a boy who had come to adjust the surveillance. And came from the group of Mai Sichong at that time.

After receiving the news, Mei Weiwei went back to the dormitory and asked if Li Daixi had missed the charge of Mei Weiwei, but Li Daixi denied everything. Li Daixi and Mei Weiwei inquired about Junjun, and Junjun mentioned Xia Rui who was present at the same time, and Mai Sichong also heard Xia Rui’s name from Peng Pai. Max, who completely trusted Xia Rui’s personality, was in Peng. At Pai’s reminder, Maxichong fell into thought.

In order to help Mai Si Chong avoid the drug test, Mai Si invited the Li team to dinner, and Mai Si rushed to the scene to ensure that he would participate in the drug test on time. When Li mentioned the anonymous reporter, he said that he was probably a teammate who trained together.

Under the allegations of various evidences, Max Chong still couldn’t believe that this despicable behavior came from Xia Rui. When he returned to the dormitory, Maxicong sat in the dormitory, still under the trend of curiosity, dialed the anonymous phone, the phone vibrated from the dormitory, Maxichong found the vibration in Xia Rui’s drawer Phone… Maxichong hurried to the swimming pool, ignoring Ding Yi’s words, insisting on finding Xia Rui to confront…

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