Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 19 Recap

Mai Mu waited for Mai Sichong at the entrance of the training hall, and asked the leader’s question. Mai Sichong only said that the leader asked basic questions. Remembering that Mei Weiwei was still waiting for herself, Mai Sichong hurriedly bid farewell to her parents and hurried back to school.

Walking on the campus, I was still anxious that Mai Sichong hadn’t appeared yet, but Mei Weiwei was pulled into her arms by the sudden appearance of Max Chong. Mei Weiwei, who could not help but deny that he missed her, was hit by Max Chong. Attack like a baby. But Mei Weiwei still faintly felt the concealment of Mai Sichong, but seeing her sweetheart right in front of her, Mei Weiwei still fell into great joy.

Li Daixi asked Ding Yi when she should announce the relationship between the two, but Ding Yi answered vaguely. Li Daixi felt hesitated from Ding Yi’s words, and became angry before Mei Weiwei and Mai. Si Chong sat down to greet the two, Li Daixi hurriedly left, and Ding Yi had to chase after him in embarrassment.

Mai Sichong and Mei Weiwei talked about their report, and at this time, Mai Sichong received a message saying: If you don’t want the video to be made public, you can’t go to the drug test. But at this time, Mai Sichong did not take this message in his eyes, and still went to the hospital for drug test with Mei Weiwei sweetly.

Max Chong waited at the door for the drug test. As soon as Mei Weiwei went to the toilet, Max Chong received a message on his mobile phone. As soon as he saw the content of the message, Mai Sichong’s expression changed greatly.

The video mentioned in the threatening text message received before refers to the surveillance video of the security guard who accidentally released electricity when Mei Weiwei encountered a security pervert. In order to protect his girlfriend, Max ignored Mei Weiwei’s doubts and took Mei Weiwei’s hand and left the hospital.

In order to improve Mai Sichong’s food, Mei Weiwei brought Maxicong to her home. Mei Weiwei personally cooks the “gourmet” for Mai Sichong, watching Mai Sichong “appetite”, Mei Weiwei brings out one dish after another. It is obvious that Mei Weiwei’s dishes are too salty, but Mai Sichong Still thinking about protecting Mei Weiwei’s feelings, bit the bullet and ate a table of “love dishes”.

After the meal, the two talked about Mei Weiwei’s graduation photo. It turned out that Mei Weiwei’s special physique caused Mei Weiwei to encounter many misunderstandings, which led to the distance between her classmates. They had to take the graduation photo alone and listen to Mei Weiwei. With a slightly sad story, Maxichong secretly strengthened his heart and couldn’t let the mysterious man release the video.

Mai Sichong, who was walking on the road, received a call from Coach Pepio, but recalling everything he had experienced today, Mai Sichong still endured, and did not answer the call.

Ding Yi finally waited for Li Daixi, but Li Daixi, who was still angry, rejected Ding Yi’s kindness and repeatedly questioned Ding Yi’s reasons for reluctance to make it public. It turned out that Ding Yi felt that she was not worthy of Li Daixi. Hearing this nonsensical reason, Li Daixi Feeling that Ding Yi, who was babbling in front of him, turned out to be so dull, he couldn’t help feeling angry and funny. With Li Daixi’s praise and explanation, Ding Yi understood the strong relationship between the two, and smiled again, rejoicing that the enemy was online again.

Maxicong sat in the room, recalling the conversation he had with Peng Pai. At this time, Mai Mu came in to inquire about the drug test of Mai Sichong, and Mai Sichong had to lie in order to conceal the truth. After sending away Mai Mu, Mai Sichong guessed that the reporter might be Peng Pai, so he sent a message to warn Peng Pai not to hurt Weiwei. I also started to check the source area of ​​this strange number. Mother Mai went downstairs and received a call from Coach Pepe, only then realized that everything that Mai Sichong had just said was a lie.

The swimming team and the school began to circulate that Maxichong was absent from the drug test, cheated, and was about to be removed from the provincial team. Mei Weiwei couldn’t help but start to worry, and immediately sent a message to ask Maxichong, but no response was received. Li Daixi, who was sitting opposite, received a text message from Ding Yi to help comfort Mei Weiwei. But Mei Weiwei was still worried and couldn’t rest assured.

Mai Si rushed downstairs to be questioned by his parents, but in order to maintain Mei Weiwei’s secret, Mai Si Chong was unable to reveal the truth behind him while he was vacillating, and Mai Si Chong’s father and mother were unable to pry away Mai Si Chong’s mouth. Peng Pai also heard about Max Chong from his colleague. His colleague asked Peng Pai to persuade Max Chong. Coincidentally, at this time, Max Chong also found Peng Pai.

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